Friday, March 27, 2009

Youth Art Month-Spring Bath

Spring Bath
6" x 8"
The above little oil painting was done this week, before the leaves came out and the grass started to grow. In late afternoon, the sun comes from behind the big oak tree, and makes a little sparkle on the grass by the street and into the yard. A very peaceful sight. Water from rain filled the bird bath, but I haven't noticed any birds coming to drink. Squirrels have been scampering across the lawn, though.
This is part of my homework assignment from the Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert with V....Vaughan. Only 12 more to go!
The weather man said that there is a typical Blue Norther, as he pointed to the blue on the map indicating cold, snow, ice in the panhandle. But, he is young and I wonder if he has ever seen one! I think he is referring to the fact that it is going to get cold, fast, or that his weather map shows blue for cold. But, with a real Blue Norther, the sky gets dark blue in the north, while the sky is still a clear cerulean blue, and it is hot and still, ahead of the norther. The sun is shining, the wind is starting to blow from the north and it's getting colder.
I think that it has been 15 or more years since we have had a blue norther. I'm thinking that the last one I remember seeing was about in 1988, but I'm not sure about that.
When we started Brazos Writers, probably about 1986 or '87, one of the topics we selected to write about was "The First Blue Norther". I could not think of a story idea for anything! But I had a picture stuck in my mind to do, and I'm still thinking of it! I decided that I needed to see one before I could paint it, and there hasn't been another Blue Norther since! I have some sketches, some ideas, but I keep hoping that we will have a real Blue Norther again.
I know. I just need to do it, as I remember, instead of trying to think of it ahead of time.
Lots of things going on this weekend. *************
Go over to Bryan High School to see art work by Bryan ISD students in the Silver Campus Cafeteria.
In Hearne, go to the Robertson County Fair to enjoy the fair activities. Included is an art show by residents of Robertson County. There is also a carnival, food, and lots of activities.
In Bryan, at the Expo Center, there is the Brazos County Youth Livestock Show, with acitivities and showing of animals.
At the George Bush Library, there is the big Physics Department Open House for the public, with speakers and many things to experience. Along with that, the Astronomy Department will also participate.
Tonight, both departments are having things at the Bush Library, along with a speaker.
College Station ISD art students will have a show of their work on May 2. More details later.
Of course, the 22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl is just around the corner, Saturday April 11, 2009. If you are in the area, join us in Calvert or Bryan, or in your own community. See the website at I have registered under Bryan/College Station/Brazos Valley Area. Please go there and add your name if you would like to join us.
You can also put your e-mail in the box at the top of my page to join Brazos Valley Sketchers.
There are groups in Georgetown, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Waxahachie, North Texas, along with many cities around the U.S. and countries around the world who will be participating.
Did you see on Channel 13 from Houston that they have added a wheelchair ramp at the Sea Wall so that handicapped people can enjoy the beach? Sounds like a good idea. It's across from the Convention Center.
Also, from Channel 13, they reported that Galveston still needs a lot of help. The Jesse Tree was featured in one broadcast, showing that they are still working out of a damaged building, but trying to help people who have lost everything. They help with money for things like gas bills, food, clothing, and whatever they can. They told of how dramatically donations have dropped, now that there is little about Ike and Galveston on the national news. Channel 13 has a report on almost daily, about the recovery from Ike.

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