Saturday, March 21, 2009

Painting The Eloia in Calvert

This was my view of Main Street during the architectural session of the Plein Aire Painting Workshop with V....Vaughan in February. This was a spot where I spent a lot of time during my life, watching the traffic on Highway 6, people on the sidewalk, and the picture show, the Eloia. If I was going to the show, I watched to see if it was time to go yet. If I was undecided about going, I might have watched for my friends. I could see who was going into the show, see what was playing, and when they rolled out the popcorn machine, ready for customers. I had a good view of a place that I loved to spend time, the Eloia.
The Eloia was named for Miss Eloise, Carl Allday's wife. Miss Eloise, with her red hair and pale skin, sat in the ticket booth selling tickets while Carl and their son ran the projector, sold popcorn, and made sure that everyone was behaving in the theatre.
During the workshop, I had a good view of the theatre, from a spot that had sentimental attachment for me, and it was warm and out of the wind!

This was my start during the workshop. I took a photograph so that I could finish my painting later. Also, on this small canvas, it was important to focus on one area and not the whole block. My thoughts were on the theatre and afternoon matinees on the weekend, and night time shows when the neon lights reflected on the building and the street.

At home, I added the clear blue sky that we experienced that afternoon and started cleaning up some areas. Darkening the north side wall of the theatre was something else that I decided to do. I thought a purple wash over the greenish wall might make it look more gray, like the concrete that it is made of.

Almost finished- I decided to keep this fairly Impressionistic and not add in all the little details of decorations, windows, and such. I like the way that the reflection and shadows in areas, like under the overhang of the old hardware store, give the impression of windows and woodwork. I just hinted at some of these things.

Finished- I think! I debated about adding in things like people, the Eloia sign that isnt' there anymore, and the popcorn machine. Probably that means another painting with the older features. I noticed that the current awning on the old hardware store on the left, doesn't let people see the windows that used to be above the overhang. Years ago, the hardware store had an overhang that was level with the one over the Eloia. It also had some pull down awnings, with green and white stripes.
This is an 8" x 10" oil painting on a canvas board. The finished painting is for sale.
I thought you might like to see the different stages of this painting. Virginia has a link to my blog and the story of the workshop on her blog today. So, I wanted to show what my painting looks like, finished. It does look better than the scan, to me.
Spring Break is winding up here. The last weekend for going to the beach, traveling, having fun somewhere, or just catching up on rest and sleep.
For me, I'm glad that the British comedies are going to be back on tv tonight after weeks of fundraising by Houston PBS. I'm looking forward to an evening of "Last of the Summer Wine", "Keeping Up Appearances", and Are You Being Served", along with a pan broiled chicken breat and a baked potato.
I spent a lot of this Saturday putting gesso on some canvases and cleaning my turpentine bottles. My gesso was almost dried, but I was able to add water and stir to make it spreadable again. That also meant clearing the island in the kitchen , spreading out newspapers, and carrying all my materials into the kitchen. I needed to prepare a couple of larger (16" x 20") canvases, and finish the package of 8" x 10" canvases that I bought for the workshop in February. I like a smoother canvas and don't care for the textured look of the rough canvas, when it is scanned. It's a little harder to work on, I think, as well. Those Dalhart Windberg canvases, that have layers of gesso and are sanded smooth, sound like they might be nice to work on.
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