Thursday, March 12, 2009

Plein Aire Workshop in Calvert III

Photos from the Plein Aire Painting Workshop
with V....Vaughan
Calvert, Texas
February 21, 2009

These are more photos from the sunrise painting demonstration by V....Vaughan during the Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert in February. These were taken while Vaughan painted the sunrise in oils. The location was on Sunnyside Road just north of Calvert. To see the first photos from the workshop, scroll down to the earlier posts.

Top Photo- V.... Vaughan paints the sunrise.

Second Photo- The sun began to peek just over the hill below the clouds.

Third Photo-Clouds gathered ahead of a cold front moving in from the north.

Fourth Photo-The sun rose over the little hill, between the clouds and the earth.

Fifth Photo- Clouds formed this spectacular radiating pattern as workshop participants watched in awe.
Rain! We finally got some rain! More to come, along with temperatures in the 40s. Before the rain began, we had two power outages. The first was not connected to the weather. We haven't heard about the second outage, yet.

What do you do when the lights to out? I can't sleep without the tv, so I had to find something to entertain myself. I had an urge to paint something! But, I'm not as experienced as V...., who has memorized her palette and can paint in the dark! I had candles set up on a stool by my bed, along with my Sprite, and a cup of ice cream I had started before the lights went out.
So, I got my sketchbook and a Pitt pen, and did a Blind Contour drawing of my candles. This was really a Blind Contour because I couldn't see my paper! The first time I have ever tried to do that.
In Blind Contour drawing, you look only at the subject you are drawing and use a continuous line to draw the outside edges. The trick is to not look at your paper.
The drawings usually don't come out looking like beautiful finished work. But they do teach you to observe and focus on your subject.
I cheated some on my candle drawing, though, because the lights came back on. I did some finishing from memory instead of focusing on my subject.


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