Wednesday, March 25, 2009

National Youth Art Month- My Chick

Loose Rooster
8" x 10"
Another painting from the workshop. I added a few touches to my rooster and am calling it finished. This was done during the "Chicken Clinic" portion of the plein aire painting workshop in Calvert with Virginia Vaughan in February.
The "Chicken Clinic" is an exercise, designed to "loosen up". So this rooster, and the others in the group, were painted fast and loose.
Scroll down and you can see the earlier posts that show us painting during the "Chicken Clinic" and the results displayed in the show window of Mud Creek Pottery in Calvert.
Nancy Standlee has two watercolors of a couple of roosters, done in a workshop in Granbury, Texas, on her blog today. You can find a link to her blog by clicking on her name in my sidebar.
Nice watercolors, Nancy!
Greta Watkins has been working on a series of portraits of people she knows in downtown Bryan. These are going to be part of a show at Art 979 and the Village Cafe in downtown Bryan opening June 5. This is going to be part of the Art Step/Art Walk. Art 979 and the Village Cafe are online and are located at 210 W. 26th Street in Bryan. You can see some of Greta's portraits online and on her FaceBook page.
Another little tidbit about Art 979 and the Village Cafe. I've read that they have Swing Dancing on Wednesday evenings. Now that sounds like a lot of fun! Something to watch, now, although it used to be a lot of fun in my younger days!
The Brazos Valley Art League spring judged show at the Art Center in College Station is ending. Next up there is the Art Teachers show. See my sidebar for more information.
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March is National Youth Art Month
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