Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert Part VI

Painting Workshop Photos
V.... Vaughan
Inside Mud Creek Pottery
Calvert, Texas
We had moved inside Mud Creek Pottery, just ahead of a bit of wind and rain that hit as a cold front moved through. V....taught and we painted as the north wind blew and we listened to the sound of welcome rain outside. The studio and gallery was a great place to work on a cold Saturday.
Top Photo- Barbara and Kerrie talk during the "Chicken Clinic". Kerrie told us about the new baby chicks that she had coming in, just in time for a cold night. I decided that I need to look at some chickens and roosters, even pictures of them, before I try to paint one!
Second Photo- The potter painting. Sonny is an all around talented person, from sculpting and throwing pots, painting signs, to painting and drawing.
Third Photo- SuZan and Toni painting during the "Chicken Clinic". This is an exercise designed to loosen painters up.
Fourth Photo- V.... disonnected her palette from her easel and demonstrated mixing paint for the group.
Fifth Photo- Toni watches V.... as she talked about the shadows formed by the awning across the street on what was once the Western Auto store.
After the workshop, Vaughan assigned homework. So, if you participated, you have some painting to do. Hope you are working on it!
I was so thrilled to have "EastEnders" back on PBS last night! It had been so long since I watched it, that I had to get used to it all over again, it seemed. It felt funny to realize that one of the main characters had, in real life, died and was buried since the last time we got to see the program.
It's been cold and rainy, for which we were glad, but now the sun is out, it's warming up, and I can see the new leaves popping out on the Crepe Myrtle in front of my window.
Thanks for reading and sharing. If you haven't signed up for my blog, or for the Brazos Valley Sketchers groups, I hope that you will do so.

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