Friday, March 13, 2009

Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert V

V....Vaughan Painting The Sunrise
Calvert, Texas
February 21, 2009
Here is another group of 5 pictures from the Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert Saturday February 21, 2009.
Top Photo- V.... Explains. Light is a very important part of Vaughan's work.
Second and Third Photos - V.... smiled as she told of her recent experience while she was doing a Paint Out in South Carolina. The wind kicked up and she had to grab her painting equipment. As she did, her turp can fell off her palette and rolled down an alligator slide and into the water. She reached, with her non-painting hand, into the water to retrieve her first-ever turp can. She thought of the alligators and quickly removed her hand from the water. She lost her can. She advised that the alligators don't like to feed when it's cold, so they just sat there, not moving. Quite an experience!
Fourth Photo- Side view of V.... painting just north of Calvert.
Fifth Photo- The finished painting. This is V....'s painting of the sunrise in oils. You can see more about it, and the price, on her website at or her blog at .
This completes the series of pictures from the sunrise painting demonstration.
After our sunrise experience, we packed up and went back to Calvert and moved our painting things into Mud Creek Pottery on Main Street. We set up our easels inside, just as the wind started to blow and the rain fell with the cold front moving in. Our timing was just right!
We spent the morning in Mud Creek Pottery, painting and getting instruction from V.... It was a perfect place to work with lots of room and light from the big windows. And, of course, it was warm and dry. A real plus on that day.
You can check out V....'s website and blog to see her upcoming workshops and shows. She has a couple that are going to be several days long in some very interesting places. We are talking about having the next plein aire workshop in Calvert with Vaughan in October.
If you use FaceBook, and are from Robertson County, Texas, there is a group for you! I just found it late this afternoon. Now we need something for Calvert!
Thanks to Barbara and V.... for letting me use some of their pictures on my blog to help tell the story of our day of painting in Calvert. If anyone else has some to share, I would be glad to use them-especially if you have pictures of the work you did that day.
The 22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl is coming up Saturday April 11th. Hope that you will be joining in- where ever you are. .
If you are interested in drawing, painting, etc. in the Brazos Valley area, you might like to join , or Brazos Valley Sketchers on FaceBook.
If you want to start a Sketch Crawl in your community, that would be great! I'll be glad to answer any questions, or you can just check out the Sketch Crawl website.
Locally, we are planning to meet at Mud Creek Pottery in Calvert or the LaSalle Hotel in downtown Bryan. Register with Greta Watkins at the Frame Gallery in Bryan.
It's Free! And open to everyone. Sketch, draw, paint, journal, or doodle, alone or in a group.
It really is a nice day!
I will be so glad when the British comedies return to their time on Saturday nights on PBS after these weeks of fund raising. I think that "East Enders" will return this Sunday night. I'm watching the re-run of Glen Beck's special program instead of "Last of The Summer Wine", "Keeping Up Appearances", and "Are You Being Served". I wish they would bring back "As Time Goes By" and "Monarch of the Glen". It's like missing an old friend when my programs are not on!

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