Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert II

Plein Aire Painting Workshop Photos
Saturday Feb. 21, 2009
Calvert, Texas
More photos from the plein aire painting workshop in Calvert Saturday Feb.21 with artist, V....Vaughan.
Top Photo-Barbara watches V.... paint the sunrise on Sunnyside Road just north of Calvert.
Second Photo-Sonny watches V.... paint the sunrise.
Third Photo- Barbara, Toni, and Sunny take photos of the sunrise while V.... paints.
Fourth Photo- V.... at her easel as the sun rises just over a little hill.
Fifth Photo- This was V....'s view as she painted the sunrise. Notice the clouds forming a radiating pattern. A cold front would soon be coming through from the north.
I would have made these into a slide show, and have more pictures on each post. But, since last October, I haven't been able to make that work on Slide Show or Blogger.
Check out Virginia's blog and website to see more of her work and her schedule for workshops and shows. or . You can also click on her name in my sidebar.
We're still waiting for rain! It's scattered all around us today, but, so far, we've only had clouds.
If you are interested in drawing, painting, etc. in the Brazos Valley area, sign up for the group, BrazosValley_Sketchers on Yahoo. All you have to do is click the link at the top of my page. There is a similar group on FaceBook called Brazos Valley Sketchers.
There is a calendar, pictures, and reminders of activities.
Anyone interested in doing Sketch Crawl in our area? Or just getting out to do some sketching or painting? Bluebonnets, anyone?

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