Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vision-Latest Eye Chart

Latest Eye Chart
5" x 7"
I showed my art work on vision to the doctor and others in his office, while I went for an appointment to check my cataracts last week. This was very interesting and informative, to me, because this doctor explained some of the things that I had experienced. I wish I had had a tape recorder or asked him to write down what he told me, so that I could share it with my readers. The big words that had to do with things that happen between the brain and eyes, just flew over my head. I was a bit nervous, and astonished at what he was saying. And he did go over it kind of fast. I remember that he did say the word "classic", and he would recognize the different things, without my explanation.
They saw my pictures first, and seemed to think there wasn't much point in showing me the whole chart, down to the tiny letters at the bottom. They first showed the big 'E', which was blurry. I told them that it was an E, but I only knew that because the last time they showed it, I first said it was a landscape! Don't know why I was looking for a picture and not a letter. But, then, that is me and my right brain at work. I'm always looking for pictures, even within other pictures!
They moved the setting to the next line and I just told them it was all blurry and I really couldn't make it out. The woman who was giving me the test, left the room , and, while I sat there, I pulled out my pen and sketched what I saw. I was going to sketch some of the equipment in the room, but there wasn't time. They were amazed that I drew the chart, as I saw it.
In fact, the doctor said that he is amazed that I can draw as well as I can, the way that my eyes are.
He is ready to do my eyes toward the end of this month. But, I am thinking that maybe I should wait until I can get Medicare, which will be in another year. (Depending on what happens with all that is being proposed in this country regarding health care, and everything else! We may not be able to get anything by then, especially at my age.)
Plans are to do the good eye, then see about doing the other. I'm just chicken about this, just like I am with anything that involves needles, cutting and such things as stitiches. And I don't want to know anything, but they say you have to be awake. The worst part, for me, is usually getting an IV in!
Someone told me that they give you "the good stuff" and you wouldn't care if they cut your head off.
That's not what the doctor said. He explained that they come in, numb everything, then put you out for about 45 seconds, and then you are awake, but, by then, you can't see anything that is going on. I guess that means that you can hear and know everything. Kind of makes me sick to think about lenses and taking things out, putting other things in, cutting, etc.
He asked if I want better distance or up close. I said both, of course! I need to see distance, but I also need to be able to read, draw, and such. He advised getting better distance, for reading signs and he said that they have better results with ordinary reading glasses for up close.
He said it will only take about 10 minutes, and I would be seeing better by the next day.
I looked up cost online and it seems that this costs around $6,000 or more for each eye. I don't know about this particular place, though. I believe that they expect insurance to take care of most things. Mine won't pay for very much.
I already am going to have huge medical bills, that haven't come in yet. And have more things that need to be done. So, I am wondering about waiting on this.
Goodness knows, we all need better more affordable health care, but what is being proposed, is just wrong. Won't help a bit. I've been in that group that needed help so many times, so I have experience in this.
It hasn't been that long ago, when people complained that an office visit went up from $5 to $10. Now, it's hundreds of dollars for a simple office visit. It was once possible to pay for visits to the doctor, and it was possible to pay for a hospital visit. Now, you have to have insurance, or prepare to pay out enough to buy a home, with a few days in the hospital. I heard a local doctor being interviewed on tv last week. He said it cost $3 for an office visit and $25 for a hospital stay when he first came here. People could pay for a new baby with $125, then. I remember that an office visit was only $2, and, even then, some people could pay their medical bills with a chicken or produce from their garden.
I'm scheduled, but I'm having second thoughts about it all. It's too late for me to be able to drive again, and I'm not sure that I could even get a license, if I had to take another test, with only one eye working properly. But, would it make a big difference if I were to wait a year? Who knows what will happen in a year.
One funny thought is that, if I should get my eyes fixed, I might not see the weird things that I have been seeing. That might be a good thing! Of course, the eye with Macular Degenertation will probably never get better. I wonder if it will get worse, or has all the damage been done that is possible? The doctor said "There is the scarring" when he looked with those bright lights.
I thought that the first doctor said that there was a little AMD in the good eye. I certainly hope not!
The next World Wide Sketch Crawl date has been announced for Saturday September 19, 2009. See for more information.
Hope that we can have a group this time! Anyone else interested?