Monday, March 16, 2009

Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert VII

Photos From the Chicken Clinic
plein aire painting workshop
with V....Vaughan
Calvert, Texas
February 21, 2009

Top Photo- Barbara uses her cigar box guerilla box set up in Mud Creek Pottery during the "Chicken Clinic". Barbara has taken many workhops with V.... and we joked that this was her 79th rooster.
Second Photo- Sherbet, one of the Mud Creek Pottery resident cats, helped V.... as she conducted the class. The class was busy painting after a demonstration and instruction.
Third Photo- Sherbet made himself at home with a little nest for napping in V....'s "magic trunk" of art equipment.
Fourth Photo- Cecelia and SuZan, painting during the "Chicken Clinic". You can see some of the other results of the "loosening up" exercise in the foreground.
Fifth Photo- Rooster Row. The completed paintings of roosters were displayed in the show window of Mud Creek Pottery during the day.
I couldn't get online to send my blog most of yesterday and had some trouble again today. I had put pictures on the blog, but the internet was not working right, so I am a bit behind. Even Yahoo seemed to have problems.
Scroll down to see the weekend blog, as well as this one.
I'm still having trouble with My Picture what-ever-it-is-called today. (I think I may have too many pictures! Or maybe not.) I'm trying to print a photo of the old sign on the Eloia to add that to my painting of the picture show in Calvert. But, it is hanging every time.
Next post, we went to lunch, then moved outside to paint. Well, some did while some of us stayed inside Mud Creek Pottery, out of the wind, and painted while looking through the big show windows.

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