Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Texas Independence Day

It' s Texas Independence Day!
I haven't heard a thing about it, but, over the weekend, they did show one of the newer movies about the Alamo with James Arness, over and over, on tv.
I thought I would just share a couple of photographs of some good old Texas land in honor of the day.
The top photo shows Sunnyside Road, one of the locations where we have been painting, just north of Calvert. The land to the left at one time was land that belonged to my great-grandfather. Everytime we passed by here, my grandmother would tell of the picnics they used to have by a tank or pond just beyond the trees. One time, someone in the party stood up and knocked one of the boys into the tank. The boy couldn't swim and almost drowned. Someone pulled the boy out just in time. I can't remember if that boy was my father or his brother.
My great-grandfather was one of the first business owners in Calvert and, later, built a home in town. Before that, they had a home on this land.
The bottom photo is of the pasture land on this same curve in the road. You can see the leading edge of a cold front coming in from the north. Not quite the blue norther I've been looking for, for years! But, again, it does show some of the land north of our Texas town.
You can click on the photographs to enlarge them.
If you are interested in the plein aire painting and workshops, things like Sketch Crawl, in the Brazos Valley, you might join the Yahoo group that I started, Brazos Valley_ Sketchers. . I also started one on Facebook.
We're talking about another V.Vaughan workshop in Calvert in October. And, of course, Sketch Crawl is coming up April 11.
Maybe someone would like to get together and paint when the Bluebonnets start blooming.
You can see more pictures from the workshop on Flickr and the Brazos Valley_Sketchers group. More to come on my blog later.

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