Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winecups at Sunset

Winecups at Sunset
6" x 8"
My e-mail got hung up yesterday, so I tried many different ways to send out my blog. Nothing seems to have worked right. I finally figured out today that, perhaps, one e-mail file I was trying to send was too large and it wouldn't go. I deleted it all, and everything seemed to start to work again.
I apologize if you got my blog more than once, of if you didn't get it at all.
Please be sure to scroll down and read Wednesday's post, if you didn't get yesterday's blog.
A mail box beside a country road. Winecups blooming in the grass beside the base of the box. Sunset driving long shadows from a house across an open field. A nice time of day. A nice time of year. Spring in Texas.
The little painting above is done with oil paint on stretched canvas.
Please let me know if you see anything of interest to you.
The Circus arrived at Reed Arena yesterday! Much excitement!
This isn't the full three ring circus, but is a new concept that Ringling Bros. is using, with just one ring. There are still elephants, big cats, and all kinds of acts and clowns to delight all ages.
It ends Saturday.
One more day to Sketch Crawl! Saturday April 11, 2009
Join us!
If you are in the Brazos Valley area, meet at Mud Creek Pottery on Main Street in Calvert about 8:30 a.m. or the LaSalle Hotel in downtown Bryan, also about 8:30 a.m. Meet in the courtyard or the coffee shop. After 10:00 a.m, in Bryan, register at the Frame Gallery, 216 N. Bryan Ave.
Once we meet, we can see if we have a group, where we want to sketch, and if we want to work alone or with someone else.
Just bring yourself, paper and pencil or pen, or whatever sketching, painting, or journaling materials that you prefer. Also bring any personal items you need like a hat, sunglasses, folding chair or stool, or camera. Of course, you should bring any money that you want to spend.
The Sketch Crawl is FREE, but you might want to buy something to eat, drink, etc.
The weather forecast is calling for possible thunderstorms starting to move in on Saturday. That should not affect us. The stores will be open so we could find a place to work indoors. I'm thinking of several possibilities.
In Calvert, you have all those great show windows to look through at Mud Creek Pottery, if you need to work inside for a while.
Of course, there are always restaurants where it would be nice to spend some time and enjoy something to eat or drink.
It really is a nice day for anyone who likes to sketch, draw, journal, or doodle.
Let me know if you have any questions.
I'm anxious to see what everyone does, as well as to participate myself!
Have you watched the storks, yet? Look for links to stork webcams in my sidebar under Stork Sites. They are fascinating!

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