Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Pics From the Plein Aire Workshop in Calvert

Plein Aire Painting Workshop
Calvert, Texas
Saturday Feb. 21, 2009
Barbara brought me some of her photos from the plein aire painting workshops in Calvert with Virginia Vaughan. These are from the last workshop on February 21.
Look for the next workshop in October. But, if you can't wait until next fall, check out V....'s website for more information on her workshops and appearances.
Top Photo: V.... gave some hints for using cameras as she painted.
Middle Photo: SuZan on the sidewalk beside Mud Creek Pottery in Calvert, while Kerrie chose to work in the street to paint the Masonic Lodge. Kerrie had on a cute hat with a critter on top. SuZan had to fight a bit of a breeze.
Bottom Photo: V.... explains her painting techniques while Cecelia, Sonny, and Toni watch the sunrise demonstration and take photos.
I left my computer unplugged all day yesterday and got a little painting done. Finished 2- 6" x 8"s, did a little more to another, and finished a Bluebonnet painting, 8" x 10". Since they are oils, they are too wet to scan, yet.
Haven't yet started my 16" x 20"s that are ready to go. I bounced around a long while, trying to decide what to do. I'm thinking of a Blue Norther on one, a painting of the little dam at the local Municipal Golf Course, with the old clubhouse across the little lake at sunset. But, I can't remember exactly what the clubhouse looked like and I think the photos that I took of the dam are at the wrong angle.
That is one of the most interesting places here, I think. In years of drought, we would go for a Sunday ride from Calvert to Aggieland to "see the boys", get doughnuts at Shipley's, and go back home. As we rode past the little dam, we eagerly watched to see if water was flowing, for that would mean that the lake wasn't dry. It was an anxious time. The lake did get down pretty low, but eventually came back.
I'm not sure what they did to the dam or the lake, but, now, there has to be a really big rainfall for water to flow over the dam. It always seemed to be flowing as long as there was water in the lake, back in the older times when I was growing up.
I remember in the evenings, when the ladies and gentlemen, would walk up the wide steps, dressed in formal wear, for a dance or whatever the event was that evening.
In those times, I remember the formal wear when people went to dances and dinner at places like the Blue Room just north of Hearne.
I'll have to put some of those in my painting of that particular country club.
Another day.
If you are in the area, be sure to go out to First Friday in downtown Bryan Friday evening. Sounds like a lot of fun. They are going to be running transportation from A&M to downtown Bryan to the event, so students can enjoy the evening. Sounds like fun. Wish they would run a bus out to my house! And bring me back home. Just kidding, of course, but not being able to drive due to my eyes, keeps me from doing a lot of things.
I have a few more pictures from Barbara to share with you. After that, maybe my paintings will be dry enough to scan.

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