Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Robertson County Bluebonnets

Robertson County Bluebonnets
8" x 10"
Bluebonnet time in Texas is an exciting time, bringing lots of visitors to see the state flower in bloom.
I've had this scene in mind for a while, finally got it painted, and dry enough to scan.
This scene is on a little hill with a drop off, covered in Bluebonnets, on the left. A dirt road leads off the highway to a wooded area behind a wooden gate. On the right, a farmhouse peeks above the raised lawn. In the foreground, there is a rock lined flower bed with cactus growing in the bed.
The blue Texas sky is dotted with whisps of white clouds.
I have a companion piece that isn't finished, to go with this one. Another 8"x10". This one has an old two room school house in it.
Hope you enjoy the Bluebonnets. They will soon be replaced by fields of red Indian Paintbrushes.
Flu symptoms are a bit better today. The young one went on to school today. He had to go because of the TAKS math test. I hope that, feeling bad, doesn't hurt his score on that test. He came home yesterday and said that he felt so bad, he couldn't think. Hopefully, he is better today. I was so sick at my stomach, sneezing, dizzy, etc., myself until this morning. But I did manage to fix soup and toast, and urge him to eat Jello, take in plenty of liquids, etc.
I was going to make some homemade croutons to float in soup by just toasting some bread with a little butter on it, then cutting them into cubes. But, I ended up just cutting them into strips and letting him use those to dip in his soup. Pretty good! He really likes to have Cheetos or toast with his soup, and what we had was crackers. So, I had to figure out something to go with the soup. He can't have milk, until after Thursday, if the doctor says it is okay. She thought he had a stomach ache from a virus or milk, before the recital last Thursday. I thought it might be anxiety. But, as it turned out, it seems he was getting sick and by Saturday, he seemed to have classic flu symptoms. By late Sunday, I had his stomach ache!
If you are in the area, go over to Stark Gallery in the MSC at A&M and see the Faculty Art Show. Another group of art teachers have their work on display at the Art Center in College Station.
And I'm thinking of where the best places are going to be to sketch Saturday, during the 22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl.
Hope that you are going to join me!

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Margaret Ann said...

Love the bluebonnet piece...I saw a field of them only once in person just outside of Dallas...it was spectacular...such luscious color and freshness to them...

Nice job! :)