Sunday, April 5, 2009

Architectural Mystery

Calvert, Texas Architectural Feature
What is this?
This is one of those mysteries that is going to bother me until I figure it out or someone tells me the answer. I hope it's the latter and soon. I've been looking, thinking, and researching for a while, and I still don't have an answer. Maybe you, or someone you know, can solve this.
This feature is on the south, north, and west sides of the home that once belonged to Sid and "Lizzie" Pierce in Calvert. There is a porch on the east side. It looks like clocks.
What is the significance of this feature? This is a very old home in town and, when I used to go there to see Mrs. Pierce, the house was not painted, and trees and shrubs cut off the view of most of the house. Mrs. Pierce was proud of her garden and how well things grew for her.
When plants were cleared away with the latest owners, and the house painted and worked on, that brought out these clocks that I had never seen before.
In the research that I have found, possibilities include that someone was a timekeeper, or did something with clocks. A custom from another country like Germany.
They certainly look like clocks, to me. I feel sure that there is some significance to them, either from the first owners or the builder.
I've mentioned this mystery before, but, this time, we took a picture of it, in hopes of finding an answer.
I wondered if anyone noticed this when they did the documentation for the National Historic District in Calvert. I haven't found anything, so far.
I did notice that there is some incorrect information on the documentation that is on the Texas Historical Commission site, where they list some of the historic homes in Calvert. I sent corrections to them, but I don't think it was ever fixed.
I hope someone out there has an answer!
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Speaking of Calvert and historic homes there, Calvert is having their spring homes tour and festivities, Showcase Calvert 2009, April 25. Check out the activities at
The date has been set for the Victorian Tea and Gala in Calvert. The fall event will be October 17. You can see the plans for that event at the same link as above. They're planning some different things at different locations in Calvert.
Bryan/College Station is joining in the rest of the country with a Tax Day Tea Party on April 15. This Tea Party will be at Tanglewood Park. For more information, go to .
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