Monday, April 13, 2009

22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl Port Lavaca, Texas

22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl
by Barbara
April 11, 2009
Barbara didn't get to come to join us in Calvert or Bryan for the Sketch Crawl Saturday. But she sent me her sketches to post. These are also on the Sketch Crawl website, . Look under Forums, 22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl, and they are listed under Port Lavaca, Texas.
Barbara said, "Sketch Crawl Day results from my day. The hardware store is ink pen, and the group eating at Skillet's was ink pen and watercolor. The cool, strong winds didn't help with the hardware one done outside. Or, the one eye. But it was fun."
I've made a mess trying to post my pictures from Sketch Crawl. I've spent all day today and part of Easter Sunday, trying to load my pictures, organize them, etc. I ended up thinking I was organizing a folder on Flickr, and found that I had deleted a whole folder and lots of pictures that I didn't mean to get rid of. I just wanted to move them to a different place! Didn't see anywhere that said how to do that! So, I'll have to start over from back at the Plein Aire Workshops, all the art work I had added there, etc. I could chew nails!
I need to finish getting my own sketches ready to load and put on Flickr, then on the Sketch Crawl website.
I did take time to look at a few of the many locations that have added their results to the Sketch Crawl site. It's really interesting to see what people have done. Really enjoyed the results from Georgetown, Texas, not so far from here. They had several children participating, which I thought was really cool!
Go to the site and enjoy all the sketches.
Our sympathies go out to the family of Erin, the former Mary Branch student, who lost her long battle with cancer. Certainly a sad time, but what a terrific young lady. Her accomplishments in her short life are just amazing.
I'll try to post my sketches and pictures tomorrow. It may get delayed, though, because the oldest grandson has ankle surgery tomorrow-again.
And I may have to think about finishing up that dreaded income tax sometime soon. Math! It's not my thing at all! Why can't we just draw them a picture or something! It's pure torture for us right brained people. Everybody else, too.
We had a quiet Easter. Oldest grandson had to work. Youngest is still getting over his flu. He's too big for Easter Egg hunts and all that. He and his mom made cup cakes and decorated them. His mom baked a small ham for dinner yesterday. We watched tv and ate, then went to visit at the nursing home for a while. Took Thelma an Easter cupcake and a Coke. Rode by the little dam at the Municipal Golf Course on the way home.
It turned out to be a pretty day after morning rain. We got about a half a birdbath full of rain, which is badly needed, they say.

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