Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Day

We Want Our Rights
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Who Are These Ladies?
Tax Day. Tea parties all over the country, protesting what is going on today. There were even two here, one at Veteran's Memorial Park, one at Tanglewood Park, and an event, complete with tea, on campus today.
The ladies in the photo above blazed the way for the rest of us to vote. I would imagine that they would be doing what they could today.
I wasn't able to go because of the knees, etc. But I did watch what I could on tv. There were a couple of signs that were impressive. If I were making signs I probably would simply say "Save Our Country" or "Bring Back Our America". It was great to see Glenn Beck at the Alamo. That would have been something to see.
Some people who do not watch the news much thought it was going to be an actual party with tea and cookies and little party sandwiches. You have to watch a lot of news, read, and think to stay on top of things today.
I'm afraid that those who are in control aren't going to pay a bit of attention and don't care what the people want or what is right.
Here is a link to a video that you might enjoy.
There is going to be a World Wide Paint Out in September, sponsored by the International Plein Aire Painters. I think it is a 3 day event Sept. 11, 12, and 13.
More details later.
I still have to post my pictures from the Sketch Crawl last Saturday. I had to see about my grandson and his surgery and then do that dreaded income tax stuff, first. Back to painting. And blogging. And all those good things.
Hope this day wasn't too painful for you!
This little bit probably won't help a thing.

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