Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Craft Project-Flower Pots Part 2

I started these to send to Lisa, who is substituting for art. I couldn't just tell her, so I thought that, maybe some pictures might help. I decided that the best way to get them to her was through my blog. And, maybe, they will help her and her students, and, at the same time, share what worked for me with others who might be looking for something to do with their own students or children. Adults can do these too. I found that most levels can do the same things, but just a bit differently or, perhaps, with a little different group of materials or time limits. I hope that these help.
I couldn't get my pictures to add on the first post on this project, so I'm trying again in a separate post. Instructions were in the first part. These are some examples of what we did. Remember that these were done at Easter time, but you can adapt these for a Christmas theme. I have decided that these would make some interesting wise men, or shepards, angels, or other characters.

The picture on the left shows a flower pot bunny, nestled in Easter grass, along with the plastic buckets that I used for storing my acrylic paints. I liked to sort them by red, yellow, blue, neutrals, metallics, and specialty paints. In case someone forgot to close the lids, I hoped that this would keep the paint from drying out quickly. I also used them to keep trim, scissors, pencils, crayons, oil pastels, and for use when larger water containers were needed.

The picture on the right, shows one approach in which the pots were painted brown, then details painted in.

The picture on the left shows how the pots were stacked and the top pot used as a head. This one was painted with a cartoon look.

This photo shows another variation of a character. You can also see the waxed paper under the project. The metallic colors were very popular.

These are some variations that would make nice gifts or knick knacks. Candle holders decorated in folk art motifs would be a good idea for any time of the year.

Close up view of a cartoon bunny with a holder for a votive candle.


idea coach said...

I like this project it is very creative. Your students have a great teacher.

Cecelia said...

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. I am retired, but I pass on my projects to my grandsons and others who are interested.