Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hear Our Prayer

Lord, Hear Our Prayer
Oh Lord, Our Needs Are Great
8" x 9"
watercolor on 300 # watercolor paper

This is another of my paintings in the expressionistic style, using a limited palette. I used only one primary color, plus one neutral, brown, in this small painting. I like the effects that I got by working on this heavy watercolor paper.
There are so many needs, so much pain, suffering, illness, fear, lonliness, abuse, neglect, violence, financial needs-the list is long among all the people of the world. My painting shows two women, dressed in blue, praying feverently for their needs to be met. They are simple, but strong, women, perhaps in need of food for their families, healing for themselves or family members, in need of a safe place to live, or better lives for their children. They look to Heaven for help on their journey through life.
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1 comment:

V....Vaughan said...

oh cecilia...this is beautiful...I am most moved by the "feeling" of it.
I can feel the prayer...
Artistically speaking, you have done a WONDERFUL job with the soft edges all around their bodies, contrasting the "lines" of the face and a beautuiful piece :)