Friday, April 4, 2008

Where We Drew
Bryan, Texas
18th Sketch Crawl
March 29th
I'm posting some individual pictures of our first Sketch Crawl experience. This was last Saturday in downtown Bryan, Texas.
I need to do this in order to add our pictures to the Sketch Crawl Forum.
You can see some more pictures from Rockport, Texas, sent by a reader who took part in the Sketch Crawl there. These are at the bottom of my page on my Guest Book. Really nice watercolors from the coast!
You can see our pictures as a slide show in a previous post.
I have also added a couple more pictures to that slide show, if you like to watch them as a slide show.
My sister actually started out north of here in Calvert and I've already posted her sketch from the kolache shop on Main Street. She traveled to Bryan and took my grandson and me to start out at The Frame Gallery in Bryan. From there, we picked out spot between the old Queen Theatre and the Palace Theatre and the barber shop next door. Coffee was available at the LaSalle Hotel. As we left about noon, and drove near a carpet store, we saw other artists, possibly from Robertson County, at work.
We passed an oil well with lots of Indian Paintbrushes in bloom nearby as my sister brought us home. She had to leave, but I intended to draw more. I worked a little more on darkening up what I had sketched, and started scanning pictures. But I just had to take a nap. Thunderstorms on Friday night kept me, and the cats, up most of the night and I just had to sleep a while.
I've had trouble getting my pictures to post. I'm still only able to post one at a time, it seems. Others seem to be having the same problem. But I was able to make the slideshow work. Instead of writing, I intended to add my individual pictures all in one post, but that isn't working.
We had thunderstorms move through again this morning. So the computer was unplugged again. The news said that there was golf ball and soft ball size hail to the east of us. Whew! The storms seem to get worse as they move closer to the Gulf of Mexico or to the east.
Get ready to have a great weekend!
Thanks for your comments and for signing my Guest Book! I do appreciate you!
Let me know if you see something of interest.

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Laura Brittain said...

So *GLAD* to see the artwork from the Sketch Crawl! Thank you for posting it. It sounds fun and inspirational! I have been sick again (actually ended up in the hospital last weekend ... long story but I'm better). I don't know what the Lord is trying to tell me with all of the sickness we've had this new year ... He has my attention, though! We are almost finished with the house and have several potential buyers. We are ready for a break! I'm more than ready to get back to painting! Life seems so turned upside down lately. Anyway, thanks for posting the sketches and keep us posted when the next one is coming up! Blessings! :o)