Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Drawings From Sketch Crawl Bryan

I've only been struggling to put these picture in one post for a week.
You can see these below as a slideshow, and I am sending them to the Sketch Crawl website, now that I finally have them posted.
Barbara's Saturday started in Calvert, waiting for the Zamycal Kolache Shop to open. She sketched the highway while she waited. Later, I did a watercolor of my cherry kolache.
She picked Ashton and me up in Bryan and drove us downtown. There we checked in with Greta Watkins at the Frame Gallery. Then we picked a spot between the old Queen and Palace theatres to work that morning. Ashton and I sat by the Palace while Barbara got a good view from the center of the street. She had her plein aire painting things with her, so she worked in oils.
I had my travel watercolors and pens, but chose to use pencil. Barbara had to leave by noon, so our time was short. Ashton was prepared, too, with his sketchbook. But he was hungry for a ham and cheese kolache from the doughnut shop and his mind was on "Star Wars" and light sabres. So, he drew a nice light sabre.
A young man with a cell phone came whizzing back and forth on his skateboard. A good subject for gesture drawings.
Traffic in and out of the barber shop was interesting, too.
Several people stopped to look at Barbara painting.
We enjoyed the peacefulness of downtown Bryan with the sound of Mourning Doves, pigeons cruising above, tiny birds playing on the sidewalk near us, and the chimes from nearby churches.
While the day started out cool and foggy, following thunderstorms on Friday night, that just added a bit of interest to our work. It wasn't long before enough sun came out to create stronger shadows among the buildings.
I intended to work on a scene of the wide street, but, with limited time, I sketched parts of the buildings that are well known here. The Howell building, the LaSalle and Charles Hotels, an old bank building with a flag on top, the Queen, and the barbershop. I added a mother and daughter from Robertson county who were also sketching, and another woman who seemed to be drawing, Barbara, Ashton, and, of course, the skateboarder.
We checked in at the Frame Gallery to share what we had done and discuss future sketch crawls. There, Ashton fell in love with the gorgeous resident dog. I think the feeling was mutual.
Back at home, I intended to do some more sketching, but I was very sleepy after the storms kept the cats and me up all night! So, I darkened some of my drawings, scanned some, then took a nice nap!
During the week, I have been trying to post my pictures on my blog in a way that will work for the sketch crawl. Hopefully, now that this seems to be working again, I can get these added today.
Now we are anxious to know when the next Sketch Crawl will be! I'll let you know when I hear something. We want to try to get the word out early for the next one so that we can have good representation from the Brazos Valley.

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