Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bryan Street Scene

Bryan Street Scene
Barbara e-mailed this to me today. This is an oil painting on canvas panel that she did during our Sketch Crawl last Saturday morning in downtown Bryan. She set up between the old Queen Theatre and the barber shop and Palace Theatre across the street.
I've had several people ask me when the next one will be. The Sketch Crawl website says that they have one every two or three months. The last one was in January. So the next one might be about June. Or it could be in May. I'll let you know, or you can sign up on their website to keep up to date. We'll try to let everyone know ahead of time. Greta Watkins at the Frame Gallery in downtown Bryan has agreed to be a contact, too.
I'm going to post more of my pictures that I have added to the slideshow individually so that I can post them on the Sketch Crawl forum.
It is very interesting to look at what people from other places in the world did that day. Next time, we have to remember to take some photos! To see some from Rockport, you can look at my Guest Book. You can also see them on the Forum on the Sketch Crawl site under the 18th Sketch Crawl. Just click on where it says Results.
Be sure to go by and see "Extracurricular" at the P. David Romei Art Center in College Station. I hope that, if you are local, you got to go by the reception for the artists this afternoon.
Famed Texas artist, Dalhart Windberg, is showing at the Rockport Art Center. He is giving a talk on Saturday. His work is just gorgeous! And it is so interesting to hear him talk about his process.
I first met him when he was just getting started in Victoria. And was able to hear him speak at Bryan High School some years later. Some of his originals were on display and they just glowed. People were wondering, "How does he do that!?!" And we were amazed when he told some of his "secrets".
His moonlight and foggy scenes, especially, are just breathtaking.

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