Monday, April 28, 2008

Something About April

My Child
What is it about April? Especially the time around the 20th through the 25th.
It should be a time for thoughts of spring, pretty flowers blooming, new life emerging. Thoughts of growth and renewal. April showers and May flowers. A beautiful moon, cool nights, and warm days. Kids playing outside, people gardening and planting, looking forward to summer days and vacations. Heading into the last days of school for the year.
Instead, something always happens, or I am, somehow, reminded of death, while wanting to cling to a loved one. Of wanting to reach down and with all my might, pull the dead from the grave-bring them back to experience life again. You don't ever want to lose that connection to someone, yet they are snatched away and hidden from you, no matter what you do.
It happened long ago. Still, you never want to let go-to stop reaching for them.
And, now, when spring and the end of April is here, more reminders. Another train hit a truck in that same county, killing the truck driver. This time, there were pictures of the truck in the news. It was almost on that same day, but years later.
And now we learn of the death of someone just a bit older than I am. Someone who lived a full life and was a truly good man, dedicated to, not only his family, but to his community. I know that his family will miss him terribly, but the town will, too. His presence and his deeds were truly blessings.
Today, I'm thinking of Wesley, a truck driver who was a stranger, little Otto from so very long ago, and little Marvin, also from many years ago, and Jamey, and Sherril and Bicker. Not all of them on this month, of course, but all of them gone too soon. They are all missed.
I remember watching the late afternoon sun through my window, filtering through the rich green leaves of spring, making lacey patterns that danced in a soft breeze Just like the days have been in the past week. How could something so unreal happen on such a beautiful day.
We can't touch, anymore, but we can remember.
The watercolor above was done on 300# watercolor paper using a limited palette of blue and brown Winsor Newton watercolors.
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Sweetwater Designs said...

Beautifully written...I always treasure any memories people want to share of my loved ones who've passed on. It's nice to be remembered.