Thursday, April 24, 2008


The moon was full, the night that it happened, so many years ago. But it seems like just yesterday. Each detail, sensation, smell, and emotion are even more fresh than they were then. Probably, they are more keen because they were blocked by disbelief and unreality, then. It all seems, as it did at the time, like a bad dream that leaves you feeling empty, drained, anxious, questioning, and afraid. I wish that it had been just a nightmare, but time insists that it did happen and is real.
Some life goes on.
In the small watercolor above, I used a limited palette of blue and brown. I used Winsor Newton watercolors on 300# watercolor paper. I like working on the heavier paper best. This is one in a series of seven paintings that I did using this color combination. This is one of my paintings that seems to relate to the work of the German Expressionist, Kathe Kollwitz.
This painting shows a weeping mother, clutching torn clothing and a shoe. One child behind her, out of her sight, tries to hang onto her as life slips away. A second child reaches up to her, wanting to be held.
Stork Update
Mama and Papa stork are well into their rhythm of taking care of the 5 eggs in their nest, according to the web cam for the nest in Przygodzic.
It looks like the web cam for the nest in Ustron is working now. This one is a school project.
You can find more in the sidebar under Stork Sites. The link that says Stork Cams gives a list of stork sites, including the one at Ustron.
I still can't find the one that we watched last year that had sound with it. We could hear music in the background, at times, traffic noises, and even the noises that the storks made with their bills.
If you would like to purchase one of my stork drawings, I will donate a portion of the price to the school project.
Remember to check out the Sketch Crawl website at . The 19th World Wide Sketch Crawl will be June 21. I hope that we can get a good turnout from the Brazos Valley area to participate this time. (Along with the rest of the world!)
Saturday June 21 is also the date of the Texas Reds Festival in downtown Bryan. I have added a link under events.
Thank you for reading and sharing.
Please let me know if you see something of interest to you.

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V....Vaughan said...

wow, Cecilia...this one is beautiful, conveying the sorrow so well (the colors and long verticals...) Makes me sorrowful