Friday, July 27, 2007

Vision-Male Blue Eye Looking Left

Male Blue Eye Looking Left
in a pink cloud
8" x 12" watercolors
The injection in my eye was over. The doctor, nurse, technicians, all had left to go about other duties. I was alone in the examining chair, seeing only darkness and a rain of confetti.
"Where was that coming from? " I wondered. I knew, realistically, that there was no confetti falling in that room.
Just as I thought about leaning forward to see if the confetti would move, the dark fog began to lighten, starting to my left. The dark was soon replaced by pink and soft purple clouds rolling around.
"Maybe this is about to clear up!" I felt a little relieved that the darkness was going away. Still I was hot and anxious, and my stomach hurt a little. I guessed it was just from my fear.
The pink clouds began to clear a bit in the center and a man's face appeared. The image started out to be unclear with colors not so distinct. I couldn't decide on the coloring in his hair and skin as I tried to think of who this might be in the room with me.
"Who are you?" I wanted to ask. But, I didn't think there was a whole person there-only a part of a face, the rest was hidden in the cloud.
"Do I know you?" I struggled to recognize the silent, staring face. He just kept looking off to the left, straight in front of him. I thought that he looked serious. If I could have seen that part of his face, his lips would be tight and his jaw set. Was he angry with me? About to fuss at me? Was he just grouchy, whoever he might be? I knew he wasn't happy and smiling.
"Are you Louis's dad?" I asked. But, I caught myself, wondering why on earth the neighbor who lived behind us would be here in the room with me. I thought his hair and eyes might be brown, thinking he might be Mexican like the family who lived behind us. But, It can't be. I haven't even seen them in a few years.
The clouds continued to swirl and the center opened a little more allowing more of the face to show. I could see that the man had blue eyes and red hair. He still never looked at me, just floated there, staring straight ahead of him. I got the feeling that he was disgusted with me, or at being there.
"Why are you here?" I knew that it couldn't be real, and didn't ask out loud. But, what was it?
There was no answer. The clouds continued to swirl, and he continued to look off to the left. I didn't know if I should be frightened, or what. There was no one to ask.
"Male Blue Eye" was done with Winsor Newton watercolors on Strathmore 140 pound watercolor paper. While some people may not find some of my paintings nice to look at, they do show what I experienced.
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