Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vision-Female Green Eye

Female Green Eye
Looking At Me
8" x 11"

"Who are you?" I still wondered who and what that blue eye was, surrounded by pink and purple clouds, filling the room in front of me. He just stared at me. I didn't know if there was a whole person in the room with me, hidden among the clouds, or if this was some sort of projection, or was it merely medicine spreading out in my eye after the injection I just had.

"Is this typical after getting a shot in the eye? Is is just in my mind, or am I actually seeing something? " For those who like mystery stories, this was certainly something strange. I didn't like mysteries, or scarey things, for that matter, so I wanted to know without having to try to figure out what was going on.

I was waiting in the examining chair after my first injection in the eye by the retina specialist. I was supposed to sit for a while, then they would return to check the pressure in my eye. If everything was okay, I could go home. But, as I waited, I was experiencing what I began calling an abstract art show. First bubbles appeared on a dark, foggy background. That was replaced with darkness in the room with colorful, rectangular confetti that rained down in front of me. As it lightened, pink swirling clouds softened in the center to reveal a man's eye that looked away, then slowly turned to stare at me. I knew, realistically, that I was alone in the room. So, why was I seeing what appeared to be someone in the room with me? I wasn't thinking of anyone, and I didn't recognize him. I didn't feel that it was someone I knew or was thinking of in this rather stressful time.

As the pink clouds continued in front of me, I tried to look closer to see if I recognized the man in front of me. The image didn't move, but it seemed to change into a green eye, and one that looked more feminine. In fact, as I thought about it, and tried to examine the face, this eye looked familiar, too.

"Can this be my own eye I am seeing?" I was astonished to think that maybe now I was seeing my own eye, as if it were in front of me. How could that be? There was no mirror. Whoever it was, this eye was definitely more feminine. The iris was green and there was a reflection in the pupil. The eyeball wasn't bright white, but had a yellow tint to it with a slight bit of red around the lid and the corners. The eyebrow had a little lift to it and there was a bit of puffines below the eye. The lashes were a bit longer than in the male eye.

"What next?" I wondered. "Isn't this about over? Surely the doctor is going to come back soon.

"Female Green Eye: Looking At Me" was done on 140 pound Strathmore watercolor paper using Winsor Newton watercolors.

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