Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Space Station Fly Over

Space Station Flyover
9" x 12"
As the sun was setting in the west, last evening, Ashton and I went outside to wait for the announced appearance of the space station and the shuttle Endeavor. We were told that we would be able to see them go over in our backyards at 5:52 p.m. Right on schedule, we looked to the south from the street in front of our house, and watched the space station move just above the treetops, from southwest to southeast.
"It doesn't look like it is that high up, " I said.
I'm sure that, with my Macular Degeneration and cataracts, I didn't see the space vehicles the way others do. I told Ashton that it reminded me a bit of the oil well "pumper" behind us, but it was long, and slim, and had a silvery bluish tint to it. On one end, it looked like a flashing red light was attached to it, with other white lights in various places.
Usually, when we have seen the space station and shuttle go over, they went from north to south, so this was a bit different.
In my little painting above, I showed the shape of the space station and shuttle, as it appeared to me. However I changed things a bit. After the space vehicles passed over, we turned to the west to come in the house, and watched a clear, gorgeous sunset. I just had to add some of those colors to remember that we had a beautiful sunset, along with the amazing display from space.
I also added one of the planets in the evening sky, as it appeared to me.
"It looks a little like the Texas Longhorn symbol, but with spokes or rays coming out from the top and bottom," I remarked to Ashton as we walked in the road.
It reminded him of the North Star.
The space station and Endeavor are supposed to go over us again this evening, but I haven't heard a time, yet. Pictures of it on the local news were gorgeous, last night. We will go out again. I just heard that it will go over at 6:19 tonight.
Notice the changes I have made on my sidebar. Lots of new things.
I just joined the Every Day Matters group. Click on the picture at the top of my blog and you will be taken to their website. Each week, they issue a topic, and people sketch and journal about that topic. Then they submit their sketchbook/journal entries to the website. There are some really interesting sketchbooks on that list. If you need a nudge to sketch or journal, this would be a good site for you. They are on the 197th challenge. Number 1 was to draw a shoe. Number 197 was to draw noodles. (Funny, my daughter cooked spaghetti for supper that night. I drew my supper instead of eating it right away! I'm still working on that, and my sketch of a shoe. New challenges come out each Sunday. You can go to their website at .
I really don't need that nudge as I have plenty of ideas of my own to draw. But I thought the idea of journaling along with sketching was interesting. And it is inspiring to see what everyone posts.
Another site I am looking into is Virtual Sketch Date . On this site, they give a photo to work from each month, and then people can submit their own interpretations to the site.
I haven't joined that one, yet. I'm thinking that I really have enough to do already. Of course, you don't have to do every challenge and there is no pressure.
Saturday there are a couple of events coming up here. The big International Festival is in downtown Bryan Saturday. You can see more through the link in my sidebar.
It's also UIL Day (University Interscholastic League) for students. Ashton is going out for picture memory again this year. He's just a little nervous.
The Brazos Valley Art League meeting is Wednesday December 3 at noon at the P. David Romei Art Center in College Station. This will be a Christmas party and gift echange of a small piece of art.
Members Show will be December 1-19.
I just received the date for the next Sketch Crawl.
The 21st World Wide Sketch Crawl will be Saturday January 10. Click on the logo or go to their website for more information or to sign up.
And, one exciting new thing is that they are having special Sketch Crawl t-shirts made! They will be galaxy blue with the Sketch Crawl logo on the front and a pencil on one sleeve.
Okay, everybody. I'm signing up for Bryan/College Station/Brazos Valley Area. So, let's plan to draw the Brazos Valley. Let me know if you want to join us here!
If you are in another area, sign up or find a group for your area. A lot of people are already signing up, all over the world!
And, of course, the big news is that we have set the next Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert with Virginia Vaughan for Saturday February 21, and spilling over into Sunday morning Feb. 21.
You can see more on V...'s website . Click on her name in my sidebar to go to her website or go to or .
For a supply list or to sign up, you can contact me at

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