Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aggie-OU Game

Bush 41
and his entourage enter the Aggie-OU game
The announcer noted how Bush was pausing for photos with Aggies

Kick Off on Kyle Field
It was a perfect autumn day, clear blue skies, and ideal temperature as the Aggies met OU.

Oklahoma made an early touchdown, followed by many more for 66 points.

The Ags made a couple of touchdowns, too. Lots of injuries, even from previous games. So many that
I wondered if they weren't going to have to call in the 12th Man. But, no. They have lots of players these days.

We had a little family time during the game. We gathered in front of the tv set, had some snacks, and watched. I had my sketchbook and did these sketches, while Ashton preferred to play with his Bucket of Slime. (It's a lime green color.)
I used my #314 Draughting Pencil to do these somewhat gestural drawings. But, I messed them up a bit. The pencil is very soft and will get very dark. However, that means that it smears easily. I realized that there were smudges when I started to scan them today. I was able to clean up some, but not all of it. There is a big smudge across the stomach on the Aggie Touchdown drawing, and one by Pluto's tail that I couldn't get rid of completely, for example.

Pluto stretched out on the carpet and enjoyed his bone while we snacked on sandwiches, chips, and cold drinks during the Aggie -Sooner Game Saturday.

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