Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Vote Today!
(legally, of course!)
It looks like people are turning out to vote today, all over the country. We will be joining in later this afternoon. I hope that there is not a line. My knees can't take that. Maybe I'll take a chair.
In some places, there are problems with rain and cold weather, with voting machines not working when people touched the screens with wet hands, power outages, etc. Here, it is a beautiful day. Perfect weather, with a perfect temperature of 75.
I just hope that we have a good, clean election and that the best person to preserve our country and way of life will win.
In my last post, I talked about my experiences with cartooning. The above cartoon is one that I did last year when it seemed that no perfect candidate had appeared. Politicians seemed to "talk with forked tongues", as in the cartoon above. We still don't have a perfect candidate. Sarah Palin seems to be the best who has appeared. I heard John McCain speak here before he ran for president and I didn't agree with a lot of things he said. But, he is the best candidate we have who will work hard to preserve and defend this country and our American way of life. He has proven himself and we know what he is about. You can't say any of that for Obama. I feel sure that he is intent on destroying everything good about our country. I don't believe one word that comes out of his mouth. Everything about him is just wrong. And Joe Biden is an absolute joke. With friends like him, who needs enemies. So, that is where I stand. I just had to put in my two cents worth.
Most of the Democratic Congress needs to be replaced. They are the ones who have gotten the country in the mess that we are in. And, even the ones who have been outstanding, seem to be giving in and following along with the radical leaders. The thing that really ruined the Democrats is things like the Super Delegates and the undemocratic way they now have of operating. It's just totally unfair.
I probably will vote for one or two Democrats, although I am hesitant after their recent support of Obama and people like Nancy Pelosi. I tend to vote for people I know and with whom I have been able to talk and watch over a period of years. Unless I absolutely disagree with them.
Chet Edwards used to come to the Calvert Hotel a lot when I was writing for the newspapers. So I got to talk to him frequently. I found that he and Joe Barton and Phil Graham were very nice people, and very approachable. In fact, they called me when they had news. They were very open to our efforts to promote the arts in Robertson county and our area. I know that Chet has done a lot for our area over the years, and for veterans, A&M, etc.
Joe Barton is no longer representing our area, but I like what he says when I have heard him speak on tv. He kindly came to Calvert and spoke in the bandstand when we opened our Sesquicential event there. He was going to help us show some of our local art in D.C., but we couldn't afford the expense of shipping and framing. Another option was to show our work, not in the office building, but in a D.C. hotel. But I moved away before any of that could happen. Wouldn't that have been great! To have Robertson County art shown in Washington D.C. !
Another person I know who is on the ballot is Mary Helen Bonilla Berlanga of Corpus Christi. She is a native of Calvert and is running for the State Board of Education. She has held her position on the board for 26 years, so she is certainly knowledgeable and qualified.
I was disappointed that more candidates did not appear at the George Bush Library. I try to see them all, if possible. Mitt Romney came, but it was for a fundraising event, not to just talk to the public. Bill Clinton came to Reed Arena to speak briefly during the primary to get voters for Hillary. We learned about it too late to see him. But his plane did fly over us as we drove to campus to hear a band concert. And, of course, early on, John McCain spoke at the Library. Bill Frist was also there, early, but he announced that he was not going to run for president.
I thought that, today, I will share some of the cartoons that I did during the long, very expensive run for president.

Remember when McCain was not doing very well and he cut staff, expenses, and it looked like rats leaving a sinking ship? He was carrying his own luggage at the airport, traveling alone, etc. But McCain did what had to be done and kept plugging away. And look how far he came. I wasn't supporting him, or anyone else, at that time. My big concern was health care for myself and no one had or has any plans that would benefit me. But these thoughts came to me as I watched events on tv.

Remember the big "Lock In" or "Sleepover" in the Senate? Some of the Senators seemed to stand around and talk (and brag) all night, some took advantage of the facilities and slept or ate. Some looked really fresh when they were called on to talk on camera. I remember one woman who looked like she had just stepped out of the beauty shop or a makeover. I thought that Hillary overslept or no one called her in time to do her makeup and her hair after she had a nap. She looked really tired and was missing her makeup. John McCain looked to be the winner of the Sleepover. He was fresh, alert, and ready to go while the others just wanted to go home or sleep.

Some were criticizing McCain because of his age. He held up a lot better than most of the "younger" folks. I know that he has endured more than most people could hold up to. Age? He's just right! A nice young man, I think.
These are a few of my observations, through cartoons.

I apologize for the big spaces. I don't know how to get rid of them. With each cartoon I added, they went to the top of the page. When I moved them around, I was left with a huge space at the bottom of the page. I'm not sure why there are spaces between lines of print when I keep trying to move them together. Computers will always do mysterious things, I guess.

Today, we go out to vote, with lots of prayer and great hopes for our country. Tomorrow, it will be a day of rejoicing for some, tears for others, and lots of arguing and blame on the media. This is the way it is, through my eyes.

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