Sunday, November 9, 2008

After The Election

After The Election
9" x 12"

It's a sad, dark time in our history.
Despite all the ridiculous amount of money thrown away on campaigning, voter turnout in our area was much lower than in the past. Early voting was higher, but the day of the election , and the total was disappointing. Maybe the results would have been different if more people had gone out to vote.
Probably not, as it was sewed up from the outset. They could have saved all that time and money and just gone on and proclaimed the "king" and "savior".
There are millions of us who have not fallen under the spell.
Those who just heard "change" and didn't care what it is, are going to be really upset when they find out how much worse things are going to be. Too bad that we all have to be dragged down along with it.
I really think that we have a great country, and don't want to see it destroyed. Some things could be improved, of course, but you don't have to destroy something that is perfectly good just because you want to go along with the crowd or want something shiney and new.
I know people who didn't bother to vote. "I don't vote, " they said in the same tone as they would tell you that they don't smoke or drink. But they have their hands out, waiting on that little, teeny check that we have been promised. (Whatever happened to those stimulous checks? We didn't get a dime.)
I know others who felt like there was no use in voting. Their vote probably wouldn't count.
It sure looked that way with all the superdelegates, tv news and electoral college that announced a winner before the polls were even closed. And what about all those military votes that they say will be counted, but have not come in, not to mention the tv broadcasting number of votes based only on exit polls, and then announcing a winner early. They didn't even take exit polls here, so I guess our votes really didn't matter.
That needs to be fixed. One legal voter-one vote, and that's it. I doubt that we will ever get that chance again.
It's all very discouraging and sad to see. It looks like any way that "we the people" can be gypped, the powers that be are going to do it.
Well, that's how it is, through my eyes.
On Election Day, we went to the school as a family to vote. Something that we do proudly. The workers were smiling and helpful. I always have to ask for a little help, in case I can't see the instructions or buttons. So far, I've been able to manage, but it takes me a little while to focus and adjust my eyes to read the directions and names.
I did hear them say that turnout had been lower than expected, and that, in some elections, no one had come out. There are thousands of people in this area, but, a sign on the door gave numbers and only 145 people had voted as of late afternoon.
One person came out and said that they didn't want to take the time to read all that, and wondered how the machine knew what names to select for them. They should have had someone go over instructions with each person, as they did with me! This person said that they just put in their number and the machine stopped on the top section. They didn't want to have to read, so they just pushed vote in order to hurry up and get out of there.
I asked them if they knew what they had voted for. They said they didn't. The machine did it for them, they thought. Democrat was at the top, so they had actually voted a straight Democratic ticket. They didn't know what they had done. Just thought it was nice that the machine voted for them and they didn't have to be bothered. And they laughed, thinking that was funny.
The teachers in high schools teach the students how to use the voting machines, and about government and history. But, after they are out of school, will they bother to use what they have learned? Or just take the easy way, not learning or thinking for themselves, or just cave in to whatever someone tells them or tempts them with. Will they ever have the opportunity to be counted, again?
Thankfully, our state can be proud that we voted for McCain/Palin. Congratulations to McCain for staying with the campaign and promoting our country. And for all his service to our nation. And to that fantastic Sarah Palin for her energy, enthusiasm, strength, and just being such a tremendous all-around great American woman. Cindy McCain was outstanding, too. What a beautiful, graceful, and strong American woman she is. My best to them all, and I certainly hope that Sarah Palin will decide to run for president in the next election. She is truly, as they say, a breath of fresh air. Wish I had just a hint of her energy and abilities.
Some people criticized John McCain for addressing people as "My friends." Anybody remember LBJ? He drove me crazy with his constant, "My friends, and you all are my friends, ....." Now, he was from Texas. It should have been "y'all" instead of "you all".
At least he didn't stutter, shift rhythmically from side to side, read from a telepromter what some kid wrote for him, and isn't able to look interviewers in the eye, avoids questions, and so many other things. I know I won't be watching any presidential speeches for the next few years. And I won't watch any of the biased news media on tv that added to this disaster .

Patriotism 9" x 12" pencil

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Yes it's a sad development when such an openly pro-abortion candidate gets such support from voters. May the Lord help us... especially those in the womb!