Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vision- September Shape

September Shape
5" x 7"
This is a shape that I saw in the center of my vision through my "bad" eye, in September. (The "bad" one being the left eye that has wet Macular Degeneration.) A bit of the change from the solid color purple spot with a green halo that I had been seeing, to this one, in different colors and sections.
The spot reminded me of the corner of a house, with an overhang, possibly from a porch. The blue area would be sky, the purple area looks like the corner of a frame house, and the pink looks like the ceiling of a porch, reflecting the pink of a sunset. Just my thoughts. Probably you see something else. Maybe a peace sign, or something else.
The green halo was still around the spot. The light faded into brown, then black and darkness.
There is a discussion on the MD Support list on the ways that people see color. Especially when the eyes have been affected by injury or the many things that can go wrong with vision. I just recently found that list. The website is http://www.mdsupport.org/ .
Previously, I've had discussions with other artists about things like color theory and why we see things the way that we do. In my teaching career, I had a couple of students who did the most outstanding work with color. After teaching those students for a few years, I learned that they were actually color blind. One explained that he worked with shades of gray. He had no idea of the beautiful colors he was producing.
Another student did such strong, poweful work that amazed everyone. Eventually, she was found to have a medical condition and was given medicine for that. Her work changed to sweet, soft little things, the normal things that girls do, Tweety Bird, hearts, flowers, pale colors. It was such an unsettling change.
I always thought that having trouble distinguishing some colors, like black and dark blue, were just a part of aging. That went along with having arms that are too short to read! A need for glasses. But, apparently it is a bit more than that, sometimes, especially, when it expands to more colors and shapes. I guess it is a part of having AMD or related vision problems.
Fluorescent lights gave me a lot of problems at school, but I could compensate by using natural light from the windows. At home, I use incandescant lights, but have to use more on my work. I need that natural light, too. There are lamps that put out light that are similar to daylight now.
I've read that, if you want to see what part of your vision is affected by Macular Degeneration, to grip your hand into a fist. Turn the back side toward you. Extend your fist about 10 inches away from the center of your eye. Then try to read something without moving your fist. Or that could include trying to look at someone, look at a picture, watch tv, read, cook, or any of the many things we do daily. The center vision, that area where you try to focus, is lost with AMD.
More on Macular Degeneration to come as I experience these things, and learn. At least, I am getting some interesting art work out of this. Work that I would not have done had my eyes stayed healthy and in the 20/20 state that they had always been in.
Thanks for reading and passing this on to anyone who might be interested. I have some links on Eye Sites on my sidebar that might be of interest to all who have concerns about vision. If you would like to see more of my art work and experiences with Macular Degeneration, look in the archives section on my sidebar. All of those posts are prefaced with the word "Vision".

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