Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vision-Dangerous Sign

Dangerous Sign
4.5" x 8"

Standing behind others as we waited to get on the elevator at the nursing home, I looked at the sign beside the metal doors. Someone was standing in front of me, so I looked beside their arm to look at the yellow, triangular sign.
"That should mean caution", I told myself. "I wonder if I need to start paying more attention to things like shape and color of things like signs."
With my good eye closed, I could see the yellow outside shape, with orange or red around the border. There was a circle of red around the middle, with the line going through it, meaning No. I could only see the beginnings of the cross mark at the circle. Nothing inside the circle.
But, no what? What did the sign say?
Logically, I knew that it must mean that you were not to use the elevator in case of a fire. But, I couldn't read the words, or make out the picture behind the crossed out area in the center. A purple fog hovered over the center, concealing even most of the cross mark.
This could present a dangerous situation, if there were an emergency situation and signs giving directions that were relevant immediately.
Just knowing the shape and color of caution, warning, danger, or informational signs may not be enough, if all of the vision is distorted or even the central vision in both eyes is covered by that fog or spot.
Danger about what? Use caution about what?
The door opened and everyone moved forward into the elevator. I was glad that I had others to follow, and to ask what the signs said, if needed.
This was one of my recent experiences with wet Macular Degeneration in my left eye, and cataracts on both. For more pictures and my experiences, look in the sidebar under Archives. Click on the entries that are prefaced with the word "Vision". I also have a list of some places I have found with more information about Macular Degeneration under "Eye Sites".
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