Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

These are some pictures from Cardiac Rehab yesterday-St. Patrick's Day.
I thought that the girls looked cute with their little green hair bows. And asked why the guy didn't have one. He did, but it was in his pocket. He put his on, as a bow tie, for the pictures.
I thought that we should have thought of something like this, when I was teaching. Instead, we just gave the kids a piece of green paper to wear, if they didn't have something green to wear to school-so they wouldn't get pinched.
We always seem to take photos when Hazel is on the treadmill. And she always has a great hat or outfit to wear.
I wore my green Tigger shirt, socks trimmed with green "racing stripes", tennis shoes with green "racing stripes", and even green undies. I also wore my ear bobs that I got for high school graduation so many years ago. I always wear them on St. Patrick's Day. They have little four leaf clovers in them. I had 2 pair of them, but one had a clover that started to turn brown, and I lost those somewhere. I also had my green sweater as the wind was a little cool. Oh, and my purse was green!
They didn't have an official dress up day at rehab as they did for the week when we had a theme week, when they told people to wear green, but, like school, many people participated.
One girl, in the next room, had one of those great, Dr. Seuss-looking tall green hats on, but she went back to that room before I took pictures.
One man said he thought it was okay for people of Irish decent to wear green, as he answered another man who asked why he didn't wear green. But he wasn't Irish, so he didn't participate. Then he proceded to tell about his travels to England, Scotland, Ireland, etc.
I'm always amazed at people who have been somewhere!
Tomorrow is my last day for rehab. I have to decide what I can do after that. My driver said that I am staying at home. She's tired of having to take me places.
I think I have found our Irish connection, regarding family history. That would be through the Days, and "Old Club Axe" Davis, the fire and brimstone Irish Baptist preacher in Alabama. I've posted a picture of his daughter, who married Aquilla Miles, of Georgia and Alabama.
So, it really was appropriate for our family to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, if we went by who is really Irish.
Of course, on St. Patrick's Day, isn't everyone, at least a bit, Irish!

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