Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Texas Independence Day!

Happy Texas Independence Day!
Be sure to VOTE!
I took this photo Saturday, during the 26th World Wide Sketch Crawl, at the Clara Mounce Library in downtown Bryan. The skies were blue, the sun was bright, and the flags were flapping in a brisk north wind.
Too cold and windy to sit outside and sketch. I took some photos of what I would draw outside, then I went inside and spent the day in the warm, comfortable library, drawing. It turned out to be a nice place to work. Warm, safe, comfortable, with tables and chairs, water, restrooms, and a lot of material to draw.
I planned to draw more, but they closed earlier than I thought, so I ended up with just a few sketches. There was a lady working at my table and she thought they closed at 9. She wasn't ready to leave at 5! I had planned to go upstairs and sketch the dollhouse, and the grandfather clocks, but I just quit when they announced that the library would be closing.
I did this Sketch Crawl by myself, but I hope that, one of these days, we will have a nice group!
I have posted some of my pictures on the Face Book group, Brazos Valley Sketchers. They are also on Flickr. I haven't figured out how to get them from Flickr onto the Sketch Crawl site, yet. I'm even having trouble getting the post, with pictures, to add on the e-mail that I send out. So, if you get a plain e-mail, without a picture or bold text, some of it in color, just click on the link to see the actual post.
Go out and vote, if this is the day, where you are.
I may not go. I think I have sinus trouble, and an eye infection, but I don't want to risk passing germs around, in case I have anything more. Lots of sick folks these days. I've been spraying Lysol around, taking vitamins, etc. and doing all I can to avoid catching anything. But, it looks like the germs are winning!
Maybe they should let folks vote online to avoid passing around the flu and such. I can't get over going into doctors' offices and hospitals and they have hand sanitizer and masks for people to use. I just use soap and water to wash my hands frequently. Maybe I should try some of that hand sanitizer stuff!
27th World Wide Sketch Crawl is Saturday May 15, 2010
First Friday in Downtown Bryan should be fun. Always lots going on. See their website or the Frame Gallery website for more information.

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lisasmith said...

Hi, Cecelia! I'll follow your progress here. I pray you get the coverage you need to stay healthy! You should also try The Texas Risk Pool to see if they have a plan that can cover you. There are lots of agencies out there who work so that you can get the healthcare you need!

I was proud to cast my vote today!