Wednesday, March 3, 2010

26th World Wide Sketch Crawl Bryan, Texas

These are my sketches from the 26th World Wide Sketch Crawl, Saturday February 27. I used a Pitt pen in a 7" x 10 " sketchbook, with a touch of Winsor Newton watercolors to add a bit of color.
Sadly, the LaSalle Hotel coffee shop, downtown in the LaSalle Hotel, is being remodeled, so we couldn't meet there as we had before. I thought the library might be a good, family and artist friendly place to meet and hopefully, we might have a group. I asked people to meet at the old fire bell, unless it was too cold, then we would have to meet inside.
Skies were blue and clear, and the north wind was strong and cold, so I walked around outside for a bit, looking for anyone who might like to sketch that day. I didn't see anyone, so I took a few photos of things I would like to draw, if the weather had been warmer.
Inside, I picked a table by a big window, thinking I might draw the backs of some buildings downtown. But, I looked at all those windows and decided that would take too long. I have photos that I could use later, if needed. While I decided what to draw, I did a title page, showing flapping flags, bare Crepe Myrtle, colorful pansies that were planted beside the library, and the library with sun on the front.
I was in the section where the computers are located, and I was amazed at people coming and going, working on the computers and making copies, and I wondered what happened to the microfiche machine. I did some sketches of some of the people at the computers, and activity in the library. Of course, as soon as I would start to draw someone, they would either move or leave.
Some of my drawings were on the order of gesture drawings, just to capture the pose or the moment. Good practice!
My daughter and grandson picked me up for lunch. We thought that the Longhorn Tavern was a pretty "Texan" type of place to eat. The Longhorns (University of Texas) are Aggie rivals, but this place was named for cattle and not the university. It was located north of town, beside the old auction barn for years. Last summer, that building was torn down and the restaurant moved to downtown Bryan in the old Coca Cola bottling plant. An interesting place to eat with old pictures and collectables around, sort of dark, but they have huge servings of food, cooked the way it should be!
After lunch, my family took me back to the library for more sketching. This time, I shared the table with a nice lady, Deborah, who said she likes to draw, but had to make out tests.
I sketched a boy and girl at the next table. The boy seemed like he didn't feel too well and was coughing, (like so many people!), but he was engrossed in his book. The girl was reading and working on her tiny little laptop. There was an older boy, working on a computer, behind the pair. I decided that this must be a family, using Saturday to learn. About the time that I started sketching the girl, they all left! I had to finish her from memory.
I planned to go upstairs and sketch the doll house, grandfathers clocks, etc., but they announced that the library would be closing. My tablemate thought they closed at 9:00 and I thought they closed a t6:00 perhaps. Not at 5:00.
Instead of drawing the dollhouse, I went outside to wait for my ride and took a few more photos, with afternoon light. Reference material for other drawings, possibly.
It turned out to be a good day, with a good place to work. It was warm, comfortable, safe, with tables for working, fairly quiet, with water and restrooms nearby.
The next Sketch Crawl will be May 15.
Entires for the Brazos Valley Art League Judged Show will be taken in at the Art Center March 5.
That is also the date for the big First Friday in Downtown Bryan. Look for the links in my sidebar.
Just listened to Mitt and Ann Romney on Fox, talking about healthcare, among other things. Yes, it's great that many people can get wonderful health care here, and because they are Americans. But that doesn't happen for everyone. They are lucky to be who they are and wealthy.


V....Vaughan said...

Great sketches, Cecilia :) I really like the touches of color! Looks like such a fun day!!! Sorry about yor computer cat....what a frustrating thing!!!!! BAD CAT!!!

Cecelia said...

Thanks, V... That cat is something else today. Leaping on things, running through the door everytime it closes! I still can't get 2 things to open at once! On top of that, my keyboard is typing one letter many times, sometimes. I just noticed the photo under YAM. Reminds me of your photos of distant things appearing to balance on a brush. He has a desk balanced on his Lego or whatever that is! :)