Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
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I wanted to post something about Valentine's Day, but I have been fighting my computer all day, it seems. It keeps telling me I am out of memory and things like that. I guess it is getting old, or needs some work that I don't know how to do.
Valentine's Day is just another day, around here. No romance at all. Except for ads on tv and all the balloons and such in stores, I wouldn't know that it was Valentine's Day.
I guess it helped at school with all the flowers, balloons, cookies, parties, and, of course, valentines. There still was no romance, though, for us. One principal gave each of the lady teachers a rose, and that was about all I ever got. Otherwise, we just bought some special candy, the day after, on sale.
We looked forward, as children, to the Valentine's party at school. Parents would bring cookies. And we always had the valentine box at the front of the room to look at. A decorated box that held all the valentines. One year, I begged Grandpa for a big round hat box to take for our box in our class. A group decorated it with crepe paper and it was one of the most beautiful valentines boxes I had ever seen. I looked at it and smiled all through the boring school days.
We hoped for lots of valentines from our friends. But, even more so, we hoped that there would be a valentine or two from an older boy-preferably a good looking, nice one! But, those never came in all our years. Maybe some girls got them, but not the girls in our class. Of course, we were pretty limited because we could only get valentines from the other kids in our class, except maybe when we were in the big study hall with 3 grades together. I'm sure that the teachers made sure that there was no funny business going on and kept us all separated!
The photo above is of some earrings that a boy from another town gave me for graduation from high school. I always thought that they were appropriate for Valentine's Day. So, I always wore them on Valentine's Day.
I hope that you had a wonderful, romantic day this year.
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