Friday, February 19, 2010

Tie Day

Tie Day
Tuesday was Tie Day at Cardiac Rehab. Some of the therapists and a couple of participants gathered by one of the treadmills to show their ties that they wore for the day. I don't really have things like ties or belts (which were included in the attire for the day). So, I found a genuine 1950s/60s neckerchief, like we used to wear. This one belonged to Toot, my great-aunt, so it's extra special.
Today is Patriotic Day. I have a denim shirt with stars and stripes, a t-shirt with the Statue of Liberty, and some star earrings that I plan to wear. The shirt actually has the Fourth of July embroidered on the shirt pocket, but it is way too heavy and hot to wear in the summer time. I've worn it to school when we have had patriotic days, or when I just needed something warm!
Cindy, at rehab, asked me to e-mail her the photos, but, sorry Cindy. The computer there wouldn't let them go through. Maybe she will see this post!
I'm moving up in the rehab program. Higher levels on the machines and heavier weights. I don't think I can handle those big 5 pound weights that some people are using. I can barely pick those up! And, to think, I used to drag tables around, scrub them and the sink, in 2 places, pull on that heavy kiln lid, lift 25 and 50 pound bags of clay. I'm just amazed that, now, picking up 4 pound weights seems really heavy!
I laugh when people at rehab mention "pumping iron". That is so not me!
National Heart Month
Plan to go out and sketch for the 26th World Wide Sketch Crawl, Saturday February 27. It's FREE! Just journal, sketch, draw, paint, journal, or even doodle about your surroundings on that day, along with others all over the world. Work all day, or for a little while.
Go to the Sketch Crawl website to find others near you, or start your own group or crawl where you are.
Locally, meet about 9 a.m. at the Bryan Public Library, now named the Clara Mounce Library, in downtown Bryan. Or, in Calvert, meet at Mud Creek Pottery.
I hope that others in the various communities in the Brazos Valley will draw their own places and participate, or join us in Bryan or Calvert.

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