Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering Mothers Day

Remembering Mothers Day
8.5" x 11"
mixed media
(Prismacolors and watercolors_
Early Sunday morning sun glistened on the curtains of my bedroom. I could hear my children outside my window. They were up early and outside planning a Mothers Day treat for me.
I smiled and looked out at them moving in the back yard.
The best things are the ones that are created just for you.
I wondered what they had planned for me. I didn't want them to know that I was watching. They were being very independent today.
I didn't think they would cook breakfast. I would do that, and then we would dress and go to church. After that, we would come home for Sunday dinner and, maybe, their grandparents would come for a visit in the afternoon.
Pulling the covers up around my face would conceal the fact that I had been awake as they entered my room.
"Here's a card for you. I made it myself." my son said as he handed me his construction paper card.
My daughter handed me her handmade card.
"What do you have behind your backs?" I asked.
"It's your Mothers Day present," my son said. "Close your eyes!"
"Okay." I closed my eyes and heard them walking beside my bed.
My daughter handed me some wild flowers, with fresh dew still on them, that she had picked in the yard.
At the same time, my son put something sort of wet and creepy feeling into my hand. I screamed and thought sure he had found a snake in the yard. A wonderous thing to a little boy, but a scarey thing to this woman.
"Take that out of here!" I kept screaming.
"But, Mama, it's only a nice little green frog," he explained.
He looked hurt.
"I'm sure it is a very nice frog. But he would be happier outside with other frogs. That was nice of you to think of me, but he really belongs outside."
They went outside to find a good place to release the frog.
We had breakfast, went to church, had dinner at home, my parents came to visit and went back home.
That was a most memorable Mothers Day for me.
Now, years later, my grandson picked out a Mr. Bean movie that we will watch later. My daughter slept late, my sister came by on her way back to her home, I've washed clothes, fixed lunch for my grandsons, taken care of the cats, and plan to give Bitsy, the cat, a bath. My grandson made a card for his mom and the oldest one bought her a present.
Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers and grandmothers. I hope that your day has been one to remember.
I did the picture above with a Pitt pen on 70 lb drawing paper and added Prismacolors and some watercolor to give it color. The paper is acid free.
Happy Mothers Day!!!


The Victorious place said...

This was good. It reminded me of the times I would take snakes to my mother. She was deathly afraid of them. I had to laugh. Thanks.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

What a nice memory. I was concerned at first that the children were you and a sibling finding "mother" dead in bed. Don't want to think about what that says about ME. Eeek. but your watercolor and vignette were sweet... glad the grandsons are carrying on kind traditions.