Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Saturday Night

Getting Ready for Saturday Night
8.5" x 11"
Girls in a dorm, getting ready for Saturday night dates. Girls are busy checking themselves in the mirror, putting on makeup, fixing hair, deciding on what to wear, talking about the boys who will be calling for them soon. Music drifts through the suite from a radio.
One girl, in the foreground, waits. Is she waiting for the phone to ring for her? Perhaps her boyfriend is elsewhere and can't come to see her this Saturday night. Could it be that she is hoping that the girls will ask her to come along, with their boyfriend bringing a blind date for her. Or maybe she has a big problem to think about.
Will she spend a Saturday night, almost alone in the dorm, listening to romantic music on the radio, while the other girls are out dancing, going to the movies, or partying?
Will she spend the evening catching up on studying or writing a paper?
Could it be that she might spend this Saturday night washing her hair, playing solitaire, or Hearts with other dateless girls?
Perhaps she will spend the evening writing a letter or talking on the phone to that boy, so far away.
Or maybe, she will stay in her room and worry about her problem.
Possibly, the phone might ring down the hall, and she will rush to get dressed and go out and have a good time, with almost everyone else in the dorm.
What will Saturday night hold?
After I had decided to share this drawing on my blog, I found a new blogger who is writing about her dating experiences. I do remember a lot of mine, but the experiences are not new, by any means! I'm sure that the new blogger is young.
I hope that you got to go to First Friday in downtown Bryan last night. So much to do. And, if you are on campus at A&M, they are running a shuttle so that students can go more easily.
If you didn't get to go, plan on going next first Friday. I'm sure that it is a lot of fun.
My computer has been acting up again. I spent hours and hours trying to select and make a slide show of pictures from the last Sketch Crawl. I put those pictures on several sites including the Sketch Crawl website, Flickr, Brazos Valley Sketchers on Face Book, and BrazosValley_Sketchers on Yahoo. But, I haven't been able to do that slideshow. It hung yesterday and I lost it all, so I gave up and just scanned some pictures. I guess I will have to post them in small groups.
Nothing, computerwise, worked very well yesterday. It seems worse since I added IE8. That changed everything over to Yahoo instead of Sudden Link. More computer problems to try to figure out!
I did start on my blog, several times, but just gave up the whole business and shut off the computer.
If you are stork watching, there are several eggs in the nest in Poland. Be sure to look at the sites under Stork Sites in my sidebar. They are very interesting to watch. You can get attached!
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Owen said...

This is a lovely sketch. I like where the leg and arm meet. I don't know how to explain it; just love the line work there.

P.S. same url but brand new blog space :)