Friday, January 9, 2009

World Wide Sketch Crawl Tomorrow

Cup of Butter Pecan
9" x 12"
watercolor & ink
One of the EDM challenges was to draw your cup or mug. I chose this little tea cup that is among my everyday dishes. These were just two random teacups that we found for every day use. There didn't seem to be any other dishes to match this set. Unless I use it for hot chocolate, I use it for ice cream. On this night, I had some delicious butter pecan ice cream.
Unfortunately, it had too many pecans and I had a time, picking them out! The same goes for things like Raisin Bran. It takes a long time to pick out all those raisins! (You can't find just plain Bran Flakes in the stores around here, for some reason. So I tried to get raisin bran and tried to pick out the raisins. I think they put more than two scoops in every box, like they advertise!)
I wish I could still eat things like nuts and raisins, but it is just too painful to even put them in my mouth. I might just as well sandpaper my mouth!
The little watercolor above was done on 9" x 12" drawing paper with Winsor Newton watercolors and finished with a Pitt pen. I did it more like a journal page, with the little notations on the page, rather than as a straight watercolor.
It's supposed to get colder this weekend, and really cold next week. I may have to get the hot chocolate ready for my cups. (It's almost 80 degrees, now, outside, but the a/c makes it cool in our house. More like ice cream weather, than hot chocolate.)
I can't believe it is here-almost! Sketch Crawl is tomorrow-world wide. That includes you, wherever you may be! If you want to spend even a few minutes drawing, painting, doodling, or journaling about your surroundings, you, too, can be a part of the 21st World Wide Sketch Crawl. or click on the logo in my sidebar.
Since it is supposed to be on the cool side, and windy, here, tomorrow, I'm trying to think of indoor places that we might draw. I'm thinking of Rudy's Barbeque since it has a fireplace, or the Corner of Time with its soda fountain, maybe the Chicken Oil Company or Sweet Eugene's. There are lots of eating places around. But that fireplace, rustic setting, and the little creek in the back, sound interesting-and warm. There is a new German restaurant downtown that sounded interesting, especially for dessert!, but I'm not that familiar with places downtown.
Of course, we will start at the LaSalle Hotel. I thought of meeting in the courtyard, but, if it is too cool, we may need to meet in the coffee shop there.
We can decide when we arrive, I guess.
I hope that someone else shows up this time! If not, we may just find someplace to eat and sketch, then come home, and maybe explore the other end of our street. We did some of the west end of the street last time because we couldn't find anyone else sketching downtown.
I've got my travel set of Winsor Newton watercolors; a box of watercolor pencils; pencil case with pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener and ruler ; a watercolor pad, a 9"x 12" sketchbook, a small watercolor sketchbook, clipboard with paper, bottle of water and small water container (pill bottle or film container); tissue paper; paper towels, trash bag and Zip Lock bags; lawn chair and cushion; hat and sunglasses; camera; purse-all ready to go.
Now, I'm trying to think what I might have forgotten!
I hope that I have notified everyone who would like to participate. And I hope that others are spreading the word to anyone who I don't have e-mails or addresses for.
Come join us in Bryan, or Calvert, if you are in the area. Or you can work in your own community. Start your own group, or work by yourself.
I want to see what everyone did. It's amazing to see the world through other peoples' eyes. Some have cathedrals and museums to sketch in, subways and trains, snow or desert, mountains or beach. Food choices are interesting too. We have museums and nice churches, but not the other things.
What do you have around you that you could show the world? It may be ordinary to us, but very different to someone, or even familiar, to someone in another country.
I have set up a Yahoo group for people who are interested in sketching, drawing, or painting in the Bryan/College Station/Brazos Valley area of Texas. Maybe that will help to reach more people who are interested in participating in things like Sketch Crawl and workshops in our area.
Please let anyone who might be interested know about this group.
The name is Brazos Valley_Sketchers
Let's Draw!

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