Tuesday, January 13, 2009

21st World Wide Sketch Crawl Bryan/College Station, Texas

1. Rudy's Barbeque-College Station-I thought that Rudy's would be a nice place to spend some time sketching and eating barbeque on a cold, windy day. The fireplace and view of a little creek out the back windows were particularly appealing. But, the fireplace was black and cold, the building was not very warm, but this gave a place to sketch for the Sketch Crawl on Saturday. In the sketch, I showed us at our table-me, with my tote bag of art supplies, purse, and cane; Ashton across from me. Christopher with his "boot" from foot surgery, bundled up in his football jacket. Joni across from him, turned and talking to her friend, Susan. Susan said she wanted to meet us so that she could watch me draw. And, I thought, I would have others who would join in and draw something for the Sketch Crawl, since she has some interest in art. But, her son, William had a touch of stomach flu, as did Christopher and I, so he spent most of the time with his head on the table. -Until it was almost time to leave. Then he had a big smile when he decided to draw a dragon in my sketchbook. Unfortunately, the grownups didn't give him time to finish. Maybe later.
I thought this would be a nice rustic looking place and would be a bit representative of Texas. The long tables have red and white checked table cloths and plates are butcher paper with plastic utensils. There are lots of coolers with ice and beer and soft drinks, ice cream, side dishes and desserts.
I intended to take some photos of our Sketch Crawl day, but, like a lot of other things that day, it didn't work out. My daughter left the camera at home.

2. Ashton's Cup-Ashton did a pencil sketch of his cup after he ate all his barbeque.

3. My Lunch-On each red and white checked covered table, there were crates containing Sissy and Hot barbeque sauce, salt, pepper, and a little bottle of really hot sauce. We had a piece of butcher paper for a plate and little cardboard containers with tissue paper to put food in. I had a baked potato, a small slice of brisket, and some chicken, and a Sprite to drink. Beside me, of course, were my sketchbooks and pencils.
My food got icey cold while I drew, since it was so cold that we had to leave sweaters on. I had to bring my meat home to eat later after warming it.
I don't understand the idea of putting cold barbeque sauce on hot barbeque. It tastes really bad, to me, and it just makes the meat cold. I wonder if this a new thing or something that came from up north. I've only seen a couple of places that did that and I thought, then, that it was due to lack of facilities to heat the sauce. I've always seen a pan with hot "sop", which is put on the barbeque while cooking, kept on the fire, and served, hot, over the barbeque to be soaked up with bread. You can always go to the pan on the barbeque, grill, or stove, to get more hot "sop".

4. Susan Talking- I wanted to sketch Susan with her long, dark hair while she was still. But that didn't last long as she was getting her lunch, eating, seeing to her son, and talking to my daughter. Maybe I captured a little bit of her on that day. Possibly I should have been satisfied to do a gesture drawing.

5. Ribs-As I was sketching, Ashton dangled a piece of brisket over his face and into his mouth. It was gone, fast! I thought that would be a cute picture so I asked him to pose with a piece of meat. He didn't go back to that pose, but picked up a rib. I did a quick pencil sketch on watercolor paper. I wasn't sure I would add color, but decided I would later. I had made mental notes of colors as I sketched in order to finish it. The colors in the scan are not true as to the way they actually are in the watercolor. The yellow is showing up too strong when I scan things. I used a lot of water with it and thinned it until I could barely see any color on the paper. Still, it came out very strong. I tried using the Quick Fix feature in my computer program, but it just turned all the colors really dark. Maybe it needs PhotoShop or something.
More Sketch Crawl drawings in the next post.
The date for the next Sketch Crawl has been announced. Mark your calendars for Saturday April 11, 2009.
According to the Sketch Crawl website, they had about 100 different locations around the world participating in the Crawl on Saturday. Sao Paolo (I probably spelled that wrong!), Brazil had the most participating with about 124 sketchers. San Francisco was close with about 100 people.
Go to the Sketch Crawl site and, under Forums, you can see some of the work and experiences from participants. That's very interesting. You can click on the logo in my sidebar or go to http://www.sketchcrawl.com/ .
Please spread the word. I have set up a group on Yahoo for people in the area of the Brazos Valley, around Bryan and College Station, for people who are interested in drawing and painting for things like Sketch Crawl and the Plein Aire Workshops.
What a shock we had yesterday when an Army Blackhawk helicopter crashed near the Corps quad, on the field where they used to have the old bonfires. The family drove past there today and they said it looks much worse than the pictures on tv. The helicopter looks really smashed and flat. It's amazing that they fell into an empty field and missed the dorms or the busy street. If the students had been back, that field would have a lot of young people on it, playing ball, walking, etc. And, it's more amazing that anyone survived that terrible fall on a whirling helicopter.
I was so surprised to hear the news, and to read the news crawl that came across the computer screen.
One of the newspaper photographers was there, looking for photos for the paper. His account in the paper today was really interesting. Very well written. One of his statements surprised me. He said he called in to the newspaper and asked for a reporter to come. I thought he did an excellent job of writing and didn't really need to wait for a reporter. You can see a lot about the crash on the Eagle and KBTX websites.
Sadly, all aboard were injured, along with one person on the ground, and one person died.
If you know of anyone who might be like to take the Plein Aire Painting Workshop in Calvert Saturday Feb. 21 and into the 22nd, please pass the information along. Virginia Vaughan of Round Rock is the presenter. You can see more on her blog and website. http://www.v-vaughan.com or http://www.vvaughan.blogspot.com .

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