Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sketch Crawl 21 in Port Lavaca

Top: At The Skillet
Barbara Conitz
Ink & Watercolor
Middle: Melcher's Hardware
BarBara Conitz
Bottom: Cold Day Fishing
Barbara Conitz
Barbara chose to work in Port Lavaca on the coast for the 21st World Wide Sketch Crawl on Saturday January 10. She sent me these pictures to share of her day sketching.
At the top is a picture of someone eating at the Skillet restaruant. This was a warm place to be since it was cold and windy outside. She used ink and watercolors for this one.
The center picture is of Melcher's Hardware Store in downtown Port Lavaca. This is one of the oldest businesses in town, and one of the few remaining old time hardware stores. A place where you can find anything you might need related to hardware. This is an ink drawing. Some of the lines sort of fade out, but that is due to the scan. She sat in her car since it was so cold outside, and near the water, too.
The bottom drawing is of someone out fishing on the bay in Port Lavaca, no matter how cold and windy it was. In the distance, you can see the causeway that connects Port Lavaca and Point Comfort. This is also an ink drawing. She sat in her car while she sketched this one. It was windy and cool outdoors, even on the bay of the Gulf Coast.
I'm going to post my sketch crawl pictures in a separte post, since I am not having any luck in making slide shows, for some reason.
It was a cool/or cold, depending on where you are, windy day in a lot of Texas, including Port Lavaca. I read the same comments from Austin, and it was certainly that way here.
Go to the Sketch Crawl website, under Forums, to see other work from the Sketch Crawl. They had submissions from over 100 locations world wide, so far, this time. I haven't added mine, yet, but I will. I had to scan them, save them to Flickr, and now I am starting to add them online to my blog and then to the Forum.
It was such a funny feeling on Friday night to see that results were already coming in for Saturday when we were just thinking of going to bed on Friday night here! The internet certainly has made a small world!
If you are in this area, and are interested in sketching, painting, etc. and, perhaps, as a group, I have started a Yahoo group for this. You can join in there. Look for Brazos Valley Sketchers under Yahoo groups. I also have a link under artists and authors on my website. You can also go to the site at
I just started it last week in hopes of reaching more people. If you know of anyone who would be interested, let me know.
The next Sketch Crawl, number 22, is probably going to be in early April. Check their website by clicking on the logo in my sidebar. Let me know if you are interested in the next one, and if you need any information.
I hope that you had some fun sketching, painting, doodleling, journaling, etc. on Saturday. I received Robin Cheers' blog about doing the Sketch Crawl in Austin, and another person in Austin who worked solo that day. Also read of a couple of people on the EveryDay Matters list who did the Sketch Crawl up north, where they had snow on the ground and temperatures in the minus degrees. Artists are a hardy lot!
Meanwhile, stay warm! It looks like a Polar Express is coming. For now, they are forecasting that the worst part is going to slide over to the east of us, but it's still going to be in the 30s-maybe 20s (that's farenheit, of course).


BC said...

Although windy and cold, there were more than enough subjects out there. I have added color with watercolor to Melcher's Hardware.

weechuff said...

We have just had the coldest few days of the year so far, going to
Minus 9C over night, and
minus 4-5C during the day. That is cold!!! I am in UK, but this is unusually cold weather for us. I love your blog by the way, and find it very interesting.