Monday, February 4, 2008

The Superbowl

The Superbowl
9" x 12"

We aren't big sports fans around here. But, my daughter decided that we would have our own Superbowl party yesterday. She had been invited to a party, but, since we are all just getting over the flu, she thought that there might be a big crowd at the party, and decided to watch the big game at home.

My daughter brought home some chicken nuggets and cup cakes, made some cheese dip, and banana pudding. And, we had chips, and soft drinks. I had already made some tomato soup.

The oldest grandson had to work. So, the youngest grandson, my daughter, cats, and the dog settled in to watch the game.

I had never even heard of the teams, and didn't know anyone who was playing, so it was of no interest to me. I only heard Craig Ferguson on tv determining who would win by their logos. I just like a good band, like the A&M band, and the activity that goes on at the Aggie games. Or, if I know someone who is playing, I might have someone to be "for". There are only so many ways that the guys can line up, throw the ball, kick, and knock each other down, and, after that, I've seen it before.

My daughter hoped the Patriots would win because she liked the movie, "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. But we never heard of either team before. Craig Ferguson had predicted that the Patriots had the better logo, so they would win.

Youngest grandson was interested in playing with his light sabre, and he was watching the "Puppy Bowl" on tv. I took my art things in the den, and sketched, while we snacked and watched the game.

By the time I got settled, the score was 7-3, and it stayed there until the end of the game. Nothing was happening. It might have been more interesting if someone had made a touchdown every now and then. So, we turned the "Puppy Bowl" on and watched the cute little dogs romp on a fake football field! Tried the game again at half time, but that was so boring, we turned the dogs back on. We never heard of the musicians, and didn't like that kind of music, so we went back to the "Puppy Bowl", and just checked on the game every now and then. We did watch the end, when there was finally some action. And were so surprised by the last minute touchdown that won the game.

As we watched, I did some gesture drawings, and decided that I would draw us at our Superbowl party. Lively bunch, aren't we! Youngest grandson is on the left, with his light sabre. I'm on the right with my sketch book. One of the cats, Simba, was perched on the back of the couch, glaring at us, and hoping for a bite of chicken. We have a little table that comes out of the couch where we had our snacks. My daughter reclined in the chair, dangling one foot and her hand. Her snacks were on the table on the other side of the chair. Under her chair, Pluto, the puppy, settled down for a nap, after he ate too much.

At least, "EastEnders" was good, later, as was "Miss Austen Presents", and even "Corner Gas", "Becker" and "Home Improvement". Enjoyed watching "The Queen Family" about Appalachian music. The scenery was especially nice.
I hope that, if you like football, that you enjoyed watching the big game. Does this mean that football is over with, until the fall and we can get back to local high school and college teams? I guess it doesn't matter, because I always find something else to watch on tv anyway.
Hopefully, you are well, and that the flu will not strike your house as it did ours, for the past week or so.


Anita said...

I like your picture.. it shows what a lot of living/family rooms looked like on Sunday!
The Patriots DO have a better logo... and they had a better record... but the Giants were pretty determined! In the past I have always been a HUGE football fan (Go Chiefs!) but in the last couple of years I've sort of lost interest...

Trine said...

I loved this drawing. It so made me smile tonight and I needed that. I have way too many assignments left to grade SIGH and the time is nearing 1. a.m so it was very welcome.

I totally fell for the blog name. fantastic title.