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Author! Author!

Photo Courtesy of V....Vaughan


I'm so excited about Virginia Vaughan's new book! It would seem to be a really nice book, and very personal, too. It's always so thrilling to see a new book by someone that I know, or know of.

Open land seems to be disappearing all too rapidly-everywhere. This book is an important record of one place in Texas. Many of her scenes are so familiar. Some days, I would paint something that I was watching and she was painting the same thing, only from her farm 100 miles away. I would find out when I read her blog that day. Or, some nights, we were watching the moon, and she was painting it! Pictures would be on her blog the next morning.
My family had cattle, too, so the animals are really familiar. The landscape is so much like the area that I visited or drove through very often in the past.
My sister has been taking workshops from Virginia for quite a while and told me about her blog. Since Virginia and I both taught art, we started sharing. She encouraged me to get back to some painting and to start this blog. She's always a really helpful lady. And so talented!

Virginia documented the last year that she and her family would spend on their farm near Austin before it was to be sold. She chose to do paintings of that time and built a collection of her work. That collection of paintings is being shown in various places around the country. Check out her blog or website for some of the pictures and a list of where the paintings will be shown.
I have a link to her site under Artists and Authors in my sidebar, or you can click on or .
Virginia noted that there are 80 pages in the book , her field notes, and about 150 pictures. That leaves about 200 more pictures that aren't in the book, but are in the collection to be seen while it is on tour.
The book is $29 plus shipping. You can order through her website or send an e-mail to .
And, no, I don't have any financial interest, in case you might wonder. I just wanted to spread the word about this new book on Texas, by someone that I know. Hope that it is a big success!


Dr. James E. Arnett, Rhoda Carolyn Melton Arnett

Unknown Arnett, Sam, Kate, and Emma Arnett

Mechanicsville, Tennessee

(One of my family pictures)

I've finished reading another book, thanks to a fellow family history researcher in Tennessee. I am so excited for her, about her wonderful book, too! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of her book. If you have an interest in history, or Tennessee, or life as it was, you should enjoy this book, "Mechanicsville", by Melanie Nistad. Of course, I was particularly interested in the parts that had to do with my grandmother's family and where she lived. But the stories were wonderful and I could relate many of them to my hometown in Texas as well. The book contains factual information and maps, but also many wonderful old pictures, stories from people who remembered them, and wonderful writings by Miss Mary Reams in her newspaper column.

I can really relate to that since, at one time, I also wrote a column of happenings for local newspapers. I wish I had read Miss Mary's columns before I wrote mine. I would have looked for different things than I wrote about back then.

I hope that this very important book is a big success, too! I'm so proud of her for doing all this work. It turned out really well!

As for me, I've been doing some watercolors that aren't finished yet. Looking forward to the Brazos Valley Art League show with entries due at the P. David Romei Center in College Station on the 29th. Judging and opening will be on Saturday. There is a link to their website under Organizations on my sidebar.


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