Sunday, February 17, 2008


2" x 2"
This is a very small, circular watercolor that I had made into a badge to wear at times when something western was going on. I wore this with my jeans and a denim shirt or cowboy shirt for such things as the county fair. Showing my art, and the work of my students, was one thing. But, adding it as a piece of wearable art was kind of a fun thing to do. I also had a pair of ceramic cactus earrings that I made and wore at the same times as I wore the badge.
It came out a little off center, showing a bit of the badge backing, but it really doesn't show in the actual badge. And, while the colors in the background look a little splotchy, they really don't show that way on the item. I do like the colors in this and may rework it in a larger watercolor.
Doesn't February seem like it is just flying by! It seems like I just turned my calendar from January.
For those of you in this area, if you planned to go by and see the Brazos Valley Art League show at the P.David Romnei Center this week, you will need to change your plans. I took my entry over Friday and found that it had been rescheduled for February 29th with judging March 1. Show opens to the public at 12:30 that day with a reception to follow.
It seems that the flu struck the members of the Brazos Valley Art League along with so many others in this area, and there were not enough well members to work with the show on Friday.
This means that the Members show is also going to be changed to a date yet to be determined.
I have a link to the Art League and the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley on my sidebar under Organizations. You can check there for more information.
Actually, I'm a little glad for the extra time to do something else for the show, but I'm sorry that there are so many people who feel bad. Flu seems to be in many places, and increasing.
I don't remember that the Art League has had to postpone a show due to so many illnesses in the past.
My computer has been unplugged a lot lately, due to all the thunderstorms around. I was really concerned yesterday, as the worst weather was supposed to be moving in. I noticed that one of the anchors for the Weather Channel was broadcasting from here. I know that they broadcast from where terrible things happen, so I had a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, it all moved east, with just some thunderstorms and badly needed rain. Tornadoes were spotted to the east, but I haven't heard of damage. I was sure glad that their forecast was off. They said that everything was set up for a dangerous situation, but we had cloud cover all day, which kept the temperatures down and prevented the big rotation in the clouds that had been expected. Only 4 more degrees, they said, and we could have had tornadoes, damaging winds, etc. Whew! Now I can breathe again, until the next time!
It's pretty and sunny today and into the 70s. Looks like spring is just around the corner here. At least, I haven't noticed the pear trees blooming, yet. The past few years, they have been blooming in February instead of April or May as they once did. Sometimes the pear and peach trees would bloom early, only to be covered with ice by a late storm. But, that hasn't happened recently.
Those of you who are sick of snow and cold, just know that there are those of us who would love to see some of it!
Thanks for your interest and your comments. I loved getting all the comments during the One World-One Heart event!

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weechuff said...

You made my stomach turn over at all this talk of tornados and thunderstorms!! I am absolutely petrified of thunderstorms, and yet we don't have that many here in England. As a matter of fact, we are quite lucky with the weather here I suppose, with no big storms or earthquakes, although now and again we have a small tornado in the London area, but enough to damage houses. This is a new phenomenon. I live in the North of England in Yorkshire, which has lower temperatures than the South, where London is. If the weather man on TV says we are going to have a thunderstorm in a few days time, I feel sick and scared right from that moment! It is obviously a phobia:0) I often wonder how people feel when they are told that a hurricane is on it's way. It must be so scary. Yorkshire did have some awful floods last summer, and a couple of people died.
By the way, I love your little badge:0)