Friday, October 15, 2010

29th World Wide Sketch Crawl Saturday Oct. 16

28th World Wide Sketch Crawl at the George Bush Library
July 31, 2010

Where has the time gone? It's time for another Sketch Crawl tomorrow and I haven't posted my pictures from the last time. Well, we moved, I've had nothing but trouble with my computer and tv in the new place, and my back is not wanting to cooperate. I do a little bit and just have to sit down and rest because the muscles in my back tighten up.
We learned, as we started to move into the new place, that there is no cable or phone service in this new area. So we had to get satellite for the internet and tv. If it rains or something blocks the satellite, we have nothing. It won't let me send out mail on some addresses, saying I have a conflict of ISPs, or that my e-mail is not set up right. And I just get fed up with it being so slow and not doing what I need to do, fast. I just give up, and decided, at times, to not even try the computer. I couldn't even do Facebook after a week, because it said that it didn't recognize this computer. I couldn't remember passwords, and FB wanted me to identify some pictures. I only recognized one, so it wouldn't let me in. That's not a good way to operate. Some people don't have a picture on their page, or they have their art work, or children, or grandchildren. And I do not recognize people that I had in my classes in jr. high, 30 or more years ago! We've all changed.
I finally got back into Facebook, and then I couldn't remember my password to go back in. I do have a folder with passwords in it, but I didn't write down the ones that have always been automatic.
The same is true of my Sudden Link account. It hasn't worked since I bought my new computer. I can't recall my password as I had not had to use it in years. So, if you are on that e-mail list, please change to
We had some interesting things to draw for our last Sketch Crawl. Barbara and I went to the George Bush Library in College Station and met another member of the Brazos Valley Art League, Nell, and her daughter, Megan, who is a grad student at Texas A&M . Nell is also founding director of Katy Area Artists and is secretary for the Lone Star Art Guild.
The special exhibit at the Library was "The Culture of Wine".
We sketched until just after noon, then Barbara and I met my family for lunch at IHOP.
It was extremely hot outside, so the Library was a nice place to sketch. We started out by sketching the fountain and flags on the front of the building. Then moved inside to see the exhibits about the wine industry, and the regular displays in the Library. The cool marble in the rotunda was most welcome on such a hot day, and everyone was interested in seeing us there.
The new exhibit is about the Red Dress with an emphasis on women and heart disease.
Tomorrow is the 29th World Wide Sketch Crawl. I'm asking interested people to meet at the MSC Forsythe Gallery in downtown Bryan about 10:00 a.m. We should have perfect weather for sketching outside. Probably no rain and temperature should be mild.
Remember that this is FREE and open to everyone, all ages, all media. Journaling, sketching, painting or even doodling. Just come out and draw on that day, all day or a few minutes.
I'm going to do a separate post with our sketches. I can't put very many pictures on a post.
Those who would like to sketch in Calvert should go to Mud Creek Pottery to meet. Later, post your experiences and work on the Sketch Crawl website at

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