Saturday, June 20, 2009

Texas Reds Festival 09

Photos from Texas Reds Festival '08
World Wide Sketch Crawl
Bryan, Texas
Pat & Cecelia
Carnegie Library & LaSalle Hotel
I hope that you are out enjoying the big Texas Reds Festival in downtown Bryan. Steak, wine, lots of entertainment, and things going on for all ages. A big concert tonight to top it all off.
I'm not up to going this year. The heat and the walking would be too much after my "little episode" a couple of weeks ago-on D-Day of all things! Wish I could go today. But, they have downtown blocked off and you have to take a shuttle from Blinn, if you want to see anything, or park far off. Last year, there was handicapped parking, but it was still too far for some of us to walk, and the EMS people took us from the parking lot to the LaSalle Hotel on one of those little car things! I wondered if they had planned better for handicapped people this year.
Last year, the Festival occured during the World Wide Sketch Crawl, so Pat and I went, but we couldn't take the heat then, either. We tried! You can look back in my Older Posts for last June, and find my account of our Sketch Crawl and what little we saw of the Festival. I know it was nice, but it needed to be at a cooler time of the year, for some of us who are not so hardy.
But, in Texas, there really isn't a good time for outdoors. It's either too cold, too hot, too dry, too windy, too wet, too stormy, or something. Festivals that can hit on great weather are really lucky!
This year, it is really hot and dry here. People are begging for rain. I guess I will have to paint another rain dance. (It worked the last time!) Of course, we don't want a hurricane, but, this time of year, sometimes that is what it takes to get rain. A gentle tropical storm, maybe? A really mild one.
It's sad to hear that the art work has been taken out of the MSC while they remodel. That's a really poor decision that has a lot of people upset. Wish they would reverse their decision and just freshen up the MSC with new paint or whatever, and keep it like it always has been. That's such a big tradition of A&M.
If you get a chance, go over to the Art Center in College Station and see the Members Show. Of course, I didn't get to enter this one either. I planned to work on my entry, and got sick instead! Always something it seems. I guess the next opportunity is for next fall.
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Speaking of Sketch Crawl, the next one is Saturday July 11, 2009. LaSalle Hotel in Bryan, Mud Creek Pottery in Calvert.
Thinking especially today of Gwen Shook, former Hearne High teacher, as she battles illness- and Paul Odle, the author of "Memories Around The Mill" as he recovers from surgery in Oklahoma. Many enjoy Paul's stories of growing up in Yukon, Oklahma.

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