Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hearne High School Typing Class 1940s

Hearne High School Typing Class
Thelma Conitz, Teacher
This is a great old picture, of Thelma teaching typing at Hearne High School in the 1940s. I don't have any idea who the students are. We used this photo on the back of her funeral program.
We had those same kind of typewriters when I took typing at Calvert High School in the 195os. You had to hit the keys really hard to make a letter work! I barely got my 20 wpm to pass that class, and swore I would never type again! But, it was necessary through the years. I was still struggling with typing, corrections, and changing ribbons, when we had to go to computers at school.
This room looked much the same as in this picture, when I taught at this school 30 years later. To us, coming from Calvert, this was a "city school". Quite different from CHS.
At this time, the building ended at Thelma's room, by where the Coke machines were when I was there.
Thelma had an album of pictures from Hearne. Lots of students with no names.
I haven't been online much lately, after my "little episode" at Thelma's funeral. My back and chest tighten up after a little while at the computer, and I have to go rest.
While it has been really hot and dry, it hasn't been as bad as it was in the 1950s, during that bad drought, and the temperatures haven't reached 117, as it did on our porch in the 1970s.
Ice and snow look really good, now!
Keep cool!

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