Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Victorian Tea, Gala, Street Fair Pics

Yesterday, I promised more photos from the Victorian Tea, Gala, and Street Fair in Calvert. I still haven't got my slideshow working, so I'm posting separate images. I finally was able to put these in the order that I wanted by writing down the pictures that I wanted to select, then adding them in reverse order. There is probably a better way.

I realized that it was Pearl Harbor Day and I just had to recognize this day in our history, first. So, now, I'm doing a second post with more photos.

1. Claudia Idelisse Garcia- posing for Eve Myles. Claudia appeared to be a perfect model, sitting in a ladylike pose for so long. Her beautiful outfit made this a striking possibility for a portrait to paint. Claudia is the daughter of Lee Garcia, editor of "Tea In Texas" magazine, . Note: The wall that was being propped up behind Claudia, has been torn down. Hopefully, the new owners are going to be able to rebuild and keep the original character of the building.

2. Savanna's Mom Takes A Break- at one of the sidewalk tables of Zamykal Kolache Shop. I was interested in the way her apron draped, and the way that she touched her hair in a little breeze. I've already posted a sketch of that, just after the event.

3. Three Beautiful Ladies- joined us for the afternoon and evening. They just happen to be our cousins, Mel, Emma, and Olivia. This was the first time that we met the girls, and one of the few times that we have visited with Mel. So much time to cover and so few hours in the day. We hope to get together again soon!

4. Franz Home-This home belongs to someone else, now, but, back when Mel's grandmother was growing up, this was her home. At that time, it was the home of Roger, Virgie, and Joyce Franz. It's always been an interesting house, with it's gingerbread style trim and upstairs windows. This is one that I never have been in, although it was once a great-uncle's home. Maybe I did go in there when I was really small and just don't remember it.

5. Parish House- This Queen Anne style home has been very popular in Calvert. The fireplace with the window, porches, gingerbread, etc. are intriguing. It is now a b&b, but, was a private home. Restoration was completed by the latest owner. Also on the grounds is a fascinating carriage house that has been restored and offers a place to stay, along with the rooms in the main house. This house had beautiful woodwork inside, as I remember it when the Carters were working on it.

6. The Neighborhood- This picture shows the street leading to Calvert High School. When we were in school, the basement floor was elementary school, the second floor was middle school, and the third floor was high school. We had fairly small classes, so it worked out well. I always wondered where people went when they finished all the floors! It's a great old building, sturdy and actually looks like a school.

When they had the Victorian Tea, Gala, and Street Fair, Barbara and I took our sketching materials for our own mini Sketch Crawl and sat on a bench outside Zamykal Kolaches, and drew until we were joined by Mel and her daughters. Then we played tourist and drove around town, to show Mel a bit of where her grandmother lived, and other relatives, and also points of interest. We spent some time going over sketches and photos, talked of family history, before going our separate ways. We all stopped in Hearne at Johnny Reb's Dixie Cafe, for supper and a few pictures.

I hope that you got to go to the Christmas Tour of Homes. You can look on the Calvert, Texas website, or click on the bandstand picture in my sidebar, to see when the next event will be.

7. Larry's Place and the Bank- Main Street, Calvert-This is where we found a shady spot to sit and sketch. The building with the porches has been remodeled and looks very different from the way it once was. At one time, the upstairs was Dr. Wade's office. There was a tin overhang instead of the porch.
Calvert is a lovely place to sketch, paint, write, etc. Come join us, sometime! Look at the upcoming events for more information about the next Sketch Crawl, and the next Plain Aire Painting Workshop with Virginia Vaughan.

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