Saturday, December 6, 2008

Calvert Christmas Homes Tour

1. Church of the Epipheny- One of the lovely old churches in Calvert. This one is the Episcopal Church. The stained glass windows are particulary attractive at night.
2. Houston artist, Eve Miles, doing a caricature of a young visitor to Calvert during the Victorian Tea and Gala and Street Fair. This was taken beside Zamykal Kolache Shop. The young model is Claudia Idelisse Garcia, age 10, daughter of Lee Garcia of "Tea in Texas" magazine. Claudia strolled Main Street during the event, dressed in her Victorian attire, and carrying a basket of fans to sell to visitors. Her mom said that Claudia made enough to pay for her sitting, "a luxury for any Victorian Miss."
Claudia was really striking in the bright Texas sun, dressed in her red and gold gown.
Another young miss, Savanna, is shown watching the artist at work. Savanna's mom was helping out in the kolache shop. I showed a sketch of Savanna and her mom in an earlier post. As we picked out a place to sketch, Savanna had been holding one of Claudia's fans, and hiding an impish grin, as she stood by her mother at one of the sidewalk tables. Her eyes just twinkled over the fan, much as I imagined that girls of the past did in the olden days.
Those fans still come in handy, at times.
It's always nice to spend time on the sidewalks along Main Street, no matter where you are from.
3. Gunfighter from "Cow Town"- This was one of the gunfight reenactors from Ft. Worth who were in town for the Victorian Tea,Gala, and Street Fair. I put his picture in an earlier post, but the face was in too much shadow. I figured out how to lighten photos a bit so that faces show better. Of course, that washes out the background some! I don't have Photoshop, but this is working, somewhat.
4. The Barton House- This was the sight of the Tea party for the Victorian Tea and Gala. The lawn party was in the back yard. This is just one of the many lovely old homes in Calvert, and is one street over from where I grew up. They had the most intriguing play house in the back yard, when I was growing up, but they didn't have children living there at that time, so we didn't ever get invited to play in it. Of course, we all wanted one of those in our own yard!
Now, the home belongs to someone else, the old iron pipe fence that matched the one around the park and two of the Gibson homes, has been replaced with a black decorative iron fence. And they have added several outbuildings behind the home. But, basically, the house looks much like it always has from the outside.
5. Lunch at the Wooden Spoon- This is an interior shot of the new Wooden Spoon restaurant on Main Street, where we had lunch. The food is good and people are friendly. And there certainly is an interesting atmosphere. I had some battered french fries that were very different-and good. My sister said they have really good hamburgers, and others in our group enjoyed various items.
These are some of the photos that I have been trying to put on as a slide show, but I haven't been able to make it work. For some reason, the code changes when I push Publish Post, and all I get is an error message that my code won't work. I also have pictures from the Plein Aire Painting Workshop, made into 3 slide shows, but, again, they won't work. I may have to just publish those as separate photos, too. I've had help from their tech support, but they haven't figured it out, either. I apologize for taking so long, but I have been trying.
I hope that you spent today at the Christmas Tour of Homes in Calvert. If not, maybe, if you are in the area, you can go tomorrow. It's always so nice to see everything all decorated and lit up for Christmas. Some places look like a Christmas card. If we just had some snow. But, that has never happened, of course.
You can click on the picture of the bandstand in the snow at the top of my sidebar and that will take you to more information about the homes tour.
Look in my sidebar for some great photos of Calvert by Big Grey Mare on Flickr. Click on the name under Interesting Sites in my sidebar. I spent hours looking at her pictures and still didn't see everything. Her landscapes, buildings, and her photos of flowers are particularly nice. I don't think I have ever seen a close up picture of a Cotton Flower before. And her Morning Glory closeups are just gorgeous.
If you are in Bryan tomorrow, you might enjoy the big Christmas parade. It starts at A&M and will end about at the old Manor East Mall. (I think it isn't a mall anymore and is called something like the Tejas Center. You can tell that I don't shop much anymore! ) One site says it will end about Sulphur Springs Road, but the map shows the back of the old mall, probably about where Carter's Burgers is located. Go early, find a good spot. Some streets will be blocked off early. Parade starts at 2 p.m. If you can't get out, KAMU tv will be broadcasting the parade, and they will rerun it later times.
Sadly, the Aggie Band won't be there. They are getting ready for finals. The Ross Volunteers will be leading the parade, though, and they are always exciting to watch. I guess Parsons Mounted won't be there, either. But, they did say that this is going to be one of the biggest ever. Lots of entries this year.
Also, here, be sure to go out to Central Park in College Station to enjoy the lights and decorations, some hot chocolate, cookies, Santa, hay ride, and entertainment, on some nights. That one is free. But you might want to check on the schedule. We didn't and missed the opening night this week.
It got cold here! Two nights in the 20s, out here in the country- just below freezing in town.
I felt horrible, when the front came through, with sneezing, bad sinus headache, and that led to an upset stomach. I finally took some benadryl, which just knocks me out, and leaves me feeling horrible. Lots of things like pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, sinus trouble, and such going around already this year.
If you like to play around with interactive things on the computer, you might enjoy the new site that I added today under Art Helpers in my sidebar. It's called Scribbler and Myrna Wacknov shared it on her blog. Just click on the link in the sidebar and play! Myrna says it is addictive. But she has a better computer than mine! I never can make my lines go exactly where I want them to when I try to draw with the computer, but I did have fun making an abstract couple and a cat, then seeing what Scribbler would do to them. Try it! It is fun!
Hope you get to go to the Christmas Homes Tour in Calvert tomorrow.

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