Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pretty Ladies At Tea

Pretty Ladies at Tea
This one is for Olivia, who likes pretty ladies and princesses.
Afternoon sun on a clear October day cast dappled shadows across white columns and lush green lawns in Calvert. White tables and folding chairs were placed on the back lawn of the old Barton home, across the street from the park. Ladies and gentlemen, dressed in their Victorian finery, enjoyed tea served under a clear blue sky. The post Civil War brick home with its wide porches and large white columns, provided a perfect background for the Victorian Tea, an annual event in Calvert.
Ladies chatting beneath an ancient oak tree after the tea were reminiscent of scenes from "Gone With The Wind". Did ladies from the original Barton family also share the same secrets or gossip beneath the same trees as the ladies of today? What were they talking about? Were they comfortable in their dresses and all those petticoats, corsets, and high topped boots?
Isn't it nice to think of a time when you could walk in the grass and all you had to worry about was a few red ant beds and horned toads-no fire ants!
If you missed the Tea, Gala, and street fair this year, plan on going next year. They will also have a tour of homes in Calvert at Christmas and in the spring. It isn't often that you get to see scenes like this, or have a chance to dress this way yourself.
I hope that you will join us in Calvert for the Plein Aire Painting Workshop with Virginia Vaughan or , Saturday October 18.
Officially, we start at 8 a.m. at Mud Creek Pottery on Main Street.
Participants have the option of getting an early start by watching Vaughan do a painting demonstration at sunrise, 7:07 a.m. There will be no instruction at that time. Just watching Vaughan paint, and enjoying delicious Zamykal kolaches. If anyone wants to paint with her, they can join in and start setting up about 30 minutes before time. We won't select the location until late Friday, so, if you plan to attend, we will need to give you numbers to call to tell you where we will be.
After the demo, there will be instruction, painting on location, and the "famous Chicken Clinic".
If the weather turns bad, we can paint in the studio at Mud Creek Pottery.
This time of year, the temperatures are a bit cooler, so you might want to bring along a jacket, especially for the early morning demo. Be prepared. After all, this is Texas.
For a supply list, to register, or for more information, contact Cecelia at or contact Sonny at Mud Creek Pottery in Calvert.
Hope to see you there!
20th World Wide Sketch Crawl
Saturday October 25
World Wide
All ages, all skill levels, all media, groups or individuals
Go out and draw your surroundings
Join us in Bryan or Calvert, or start a group in your own community
Let's Draw The Brazos Valley!
In Calvert, contact Sonny Moss at Mud Creek Pottery
In Bryan, contact Greta Watkins at the Frame Gallery
or, for more information, contact Cecelia at

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